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Found 20 results

  1. Hey guys! It has been a couple of years since I found the Space Quest games, and I absoulutely love them. One other thing that I love is Legos. I love making my own projects with Legos. One day, I decided to make Lego Space Quest. I was determined to make something in Lego that simbolises the Space Quest games. I was not sure what I would build, though. I was not sure what scene I would recreate, so I decided to make a bunch of iconic Space Quest characters and accessories. It didn't worked well. I had a big box full of miscellaneous Space Quest stuff. I realized it was time to make a change, so I sorted all my Lego Space Quest creations in two piles : to keep, and to break. I called what came out after Space Quest Lego v. 2.0. It was still not what I wanted, though. I left the project for a while, until new lego pieces came out. Some pieces now offer the possibility to easily attach and detach a lego piece, like a hook, in some sort. With that in mind, I decided to build a construct-your-own-Space-Quest-scene kind of stuff. It came out pretty well, so I decided to post pictures of it.
  2. Hey guys! Been a while. Recently I'm working on a Minecraft map of the new game "Please don't Touch Anything" that recently came out on Steam. The map is just about done, and I mean it's an inch away. The end is still to complete, but there is one thing I find the map lacks. Since the whole game of Please don't Touch Anything is made around references, I thought it would be cool to sneak a Space Quest reference in the map as a "bonus ending". For those who don't know the game, Please don't Touch Anything is a retro, 8-bit game where you are in a room, you have a panel, and through a window you see a city. Depending on what you do with the panel, you can destroy the city and "end" the game 30-ish different ways. Every "ending" is a reference to a popular movie or novel, and when you flick the "restart" lever, the city is back and the world goes back to normal. The problem I'm having : I want to make a custom ending to my Minecraft version of the game that would relate to Space Quest, but I don't have any idea what the ending could be, and how it would relate to Space Quest. I have some limits, by what's and what's not possible in a game like Minecraft, but apart from that, I'm pretty free to try anything. I really wanted to reference Space Quest, since it's one of my favorite games of the past, in the map I'm making, but I lack of ideas on how. If you guys have any suggestions or ideas, please tell me! I would be glad to know. Btw, this is the game on Steam : http://store.steampowered.com/app/354240 - MaitreDesBlocs
  3. Hi guys! As you probably know now, I'm a huge Minecraft and Space Quest fan. That games are so good, so I thought about something. What about combining Space Quest and Minecraft to make a 3D Space Quest? It seems totally possible to remake Space Quest 1 or 2 in Minecraft. I could maybe make Space Quest 3 or 4 but there is some details that I just can't figure out how to make them in Minecraft. It was just an idea. I wonder if someone would play one Space Quest game in Minecraft. I want to know if you guys like it. If anyone would like that, I could maybe do it. I also want to know what Space Quest game or part that you would prefer in Minecraft. Please, do not ask for something in Space Quest 5 or 6. There is too much character interaction for a Minecraft remake. Thanks in advance. BlockMaster
  4. I don't remember being able to get an opened spore as an inventory item in Space Quest II, but I found some text and a graphic for it in the code. Is it possible to get one in-game. I can't find out how? Maybe another left-over, I don't know. What do you think?
  5. Doesn't this sound way too familiar? : https://soundcloud.com/blinch_music/runes Not the exact same theme, but it must be inspired or else it's incredible how much there is a ressemblance with the tune. Just something that passed through my mind. Tell me what you think. - MaitreDesBlocs
  6. Heeey all! Long time no posting. I have been pretty busy these times, and not really active on the forums. I do still check the forum regularly for posts that could possibly catch my attention, but these days, with life, and the current downfall of my second Minecraft Space Quest, I didn't post anything since a long time. I then thought to myself : if I don't see any posts that captive me enough to continue posting on here, why wouldn't I make my own one? So I got this passion recently into game theorizing. I love game theorizing. Thinking about what could possibly be some things that are unused, or left-overs, of the final game. Space Quest was, and still is, quite a challenge for me. There are so many things in this game that are left-out from the public, released version, and I love theorizing on what could've been the possible use for those things in development. For example : the bear in Space Quest III, the unused two deaths in Space Quest I EGA, the rag in Space Quest VI, the keycard in Space Quest IV, why Stunt Flyer and Dacron Danny got removed from the bargain bin in the Galaxy Galleria... so many things. Here, I want to know what are your own theories about of those things, and more. The theories that you did come up with through the years. It's always interesting to see other perspectives. :) Anyways, that's all I got for now. I'll be soon posting my own theories on here too. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. Stay tuned! - BlockMaster
  7. Hey all! Long time no posting! I am still checking the forums regularly, but I was lacking of interesting things to post, until now. I was thinking about Halloween that is coming soon, and when I looked at some decorations, I said to myself : "Hey! Some stuff in Sierra games are scarier than that!". When I was still playing them for the first time, I found some of the scenes or pictures pretty frightening for a pixelized game. Sierra's artists did a pretty good job at that. Jump scares were pretty common in some of the games, and sometimes in the night, I was imagining the death state of Roger, in the state where I left him, haunting me, especially for some games like Space Quest I VGA. So the question that I have for you is : what is, of your point of view, the scariest scenes among all Sierra games, not just Space Quest, and I'll start with my top 3... Number 1 : In King's Quest V, the death music is really well done, but the ways to die aren't all that scary, except for one : the Innkeeper always creeped me out in that game. "Don't worry Graham, the Innkeeper will soon take care of your misery." Gosh, I always found him creepy, but he became even creepier when I found this video, where someone hacked the game animation to reinplement the unused Innkeeper death animation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niJZ4Z1cEEI. I can see why this got removed from the game : it is the scariest pixelised animation I have ever seen in a Sierra game, period. Number 2 : The zombie in Space Quest IV, without a doubt. "GHIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!". I was not used to the "newer" sound effects, and this totally suprised me the first time when this creature came to me with his skeletic face, eyelids maintained open permanently, and screams at the screen. Next thing I know, I'm dead, and the statement that recently appeared in a recent topic about it being future Roger is making it even more morbid. Number 3 : It was hard to decide, but I think my number 3 is the little animation at the end of the transmission between the Eureka and the Goliath in Space Quest V, where it shows Quirk after he turned into a Pukoid, with the creepy sound effect too. I think overall, from my opinion, Space Quest V is the scariest Space Quest game. The Pukoid affair is really morbid, and Genetix just reminds me of the genetic manipulations in today's life. So that's my top 3, I hope to see your feedback soon and see what's the scariest scenes in Sierra games from your point of view. Stay tuned! BlockMaster
  8. I wonder, what are your favorite Narrator lines of all the Space Quest games? (doesn't count fan games) I know there is come pretty funny lines when you use the Tongue or Nose icon, but I wonder what is the funniest joke that the Narrator said in the games, of your point of view.
  9. A while ago, I was watching Back to the Future for the first time. Like any of their movies, at the start, you can see the Universal Studios logo. In that movie, I saw an older version of their logo that I never saw before. Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kx7JGbeqOI The first thing I thought was : "Hey! That reminds me of Space Quest 6 Sierra logo!" I'm pretty sure the Two Guys got inspired by the other one : They're both black and white, the're both representing a planet with a flying ship circling around. This is just a supposition though. Do you know anything about this? BlockMaster
  10. Hey guys! It's BlockMaster again! I was fooling around in the Space Quest code recently, trying to find some new discoveries, but almost everything out-of-game that I thought that I was the first to find was already found by someone. I then started to copy the Space Quest scripts in text documents to start looking in that for new discoveries. That was a great idea. Because I don't have the first game in EGA, I started looking in Space Quest I VGA, and I found something that isn't in the game in the first script. I found that in the script, inventory items are represented like this : instance Pulseray Laser Pistol of RInvItem { view = $233 ; 563, s2startX loop = $0 cel = $0 nsLeft = $0 nsTop = $0 nsRight = $0 nsBottom = $0 state = $0 cursor = $f ; 15, lsBottom type = $4000 ; 16384 message = $4 ; x modifiers = $0 signal = $2 helpStr = $0 maskView = $0 maskLoop = $0 maskCel = $0 highlightColor = $0 lowlightColor = $0 description = string_33e8 ; "It's a pulseray laser pistol. Remember, this isn't a play toy!" owner = $3a ; 58, ':', heading script = $0 value = $0 } Where the name of the inventory item is between "instance" and "of RInvItem" in the first line of the script. Scrolling through the list of inventory items, I found this : instance Keronian Ale of RInvItem { view = $231 ; 561, s1startX loop = $0 cel = $0 nsLeft = $0 nsTop = $0 nsRight = $0 nsBottom = $0 state = $0 cursor = $19 ; 25, time type = $4000 ; 16384 message = $4 ; x modifiers = $0 signal = $2 helpStr = $0 maskView = $0 maskLoop = $0 maskCel = $0 highlightColor = $0 lowlightColor = $0 description = string_3393 ; "Ummm! Keronian Ale!" owner = $2b ; 43, '+', number script = $0 value = $0 } Tell me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the Keronian Ale that you can buy at the Rocket Bar ever becomes an inventory item. I checked in the game, and Roger can buy one, but he quickly drinks it and give the glass back in a kind of cutscene, so it is impossible to get the drink in your pocket, unlike in the EGA. This isn't something too exciting, but I thought it was something that I could post on here. On this topic, I will continue to post more of my discoveries! Stay tuned! BlockMaster
  11. "Many of my childhood memories are virtual. I spent my days exploring the kingdom of Daventry, playing Astro Chicken at Monolith Burger and trying not to buy any “fine leather jackets.” Once a year I would upwrap something special from Sierra and then spend my weekends at Incredible Connection (I didn’t even have dial-up back then) studying gaming forums and HTML walkthroughs, trying to figure out how to finally get rid of Sludge Vohaul, free Cassima from the clutches of Mordack and ultimately unite my VGA families with their happy endings. Read more here.
  12. I wonder, what is the funniest thing that ever happened while you played Space Quest. The thing that really made you laugh the most. For me, it's in Space Quest I, when I played for the first time and my father was helping me to play when we were trying to escape the Arcada. We didn't saved, sadly, and it tooked an hour to finally get in the escape pod. I almost escaped right away, but my father remind me to buckle up. After that, when I launched the pod, we saw a scene that showed the Arcada from far away, and then, we saw a a ship shaped imprint in the bay doors. I wasn't understanding at all, until I saw the death message : Guess those doors are stronger than they look. I was rolling on the floor, laughing :lol: :lol: :lol: . I felt like an idiot : I forgot to open the doors. That is the first thing that really got me into Space Quest.
  13. Hey guys! I'm always browsing through the code of the Space Quest games and I wonder if anyone looked in the code of the fan games like Incinerations or Vohaul Strikes Back. There might be some hidden interesting things. Not canon, but still interesting. BlockMaster
  14. I'm sure that almost all you guys know the Space Quest IV time codes, but do you know them all? Sure, there is the code for Estros, the code for Space Quest XII, the code for the Galaxy Galleria and the code for Ulence Flats, that's four of them. Just for you to know, in total, there is nine time codes. Nine! I was always the kind of guy that was looking for new time codes. I spent afternoons looking for new ones. This can be a spoiler or an idea for you. If it's an idea, you can replay Space Quest IV and try to find new time codes. If it's a spoiler, click on the spoiler buttons below. Ulence Flats code : Space Quest ? code : I L??? L????? code : Biggest secret in Space Quest (or game crash) code : If you want to find the codes yourself without looking at the spoilers and you just want a hint, tell me, I'll give you one. Please do not reply with spoilers.
  15. Of the fan games that have been made, which is your favorite and least favorite? I have noticed quite a few of them: Space Quest -1: Decisions of the Elders: Space Quest 0: Replicated Space Quest 2 VGA Space Quest: The Lost Chapter Space Quest IV.5: Roger Wilco and the Voyage Home Space Quest Incinerations and of course, Vohaul Strikes Back. I have never played IV.5, although something tells me I'm not missing much. I played -1 and got stuck, the rest of them seem pretty solid, tbh.
  16. I might as well ask, because I was told about how good Space Quest 3 was. Which of the games was your favorite? Which one really made you say "THIS is what I'm talking about!" For me, it's an easy call. Space Quest IV was so ridiculously fun that I enjoyed it beginning to end. :)
  17. I was really disapointed when I saw that the Minecraft server is down. I thought about that problem (it was a problem to me), then I found a solution : My favorite server would be perfect for Space Quest themed builds. This server is opened for creativity and building. It's a good place to build whatever you want, and it's family friendly (that means no pvp, no griefing, no stealing, no swearing, no CAPS in chat... etc). If anyone wants to try that out, reply. It's a good server, and it's easy to jump in. There is alot of Mob farms (I made some of them). There is some pretty good shops to buy everything that you need and there is a pretty good monetary system. When everybody that wants to try this server replied, I will create a discussion in spacequest.net's messenger. If no one replies, oh well, it was just an idea.
  18. So my good friend and conjoined twin tomlee80 asked Scott on twitter earlier today to confess whether he was a fan of space quest or not. Yes, I know we are in stressful times with the kickstarter and all that but I felt it was some light relief from the nail biting few days. As so many of us had been bringing up Red Dwarf during the live chats on twitch.tv, I had been surprised by the lack of response from Scott and Mark. Of course I was well aware of how British Red Dwarf was, but I knew it had a considerable following stateside. It's similarities to Space Quest are completely coincidental (which in a way is even more cool considering Scott and Mark didn't use it as an influence). And at the same time surely most of us can identify with the humour because it is similarly warped. @SlashVohaul Hey Scott, I know you've never commented but it's ok if you don't like Red Dwarf. You're insane not to like it but it's ok :) Scott Murphy ‏@SlashVohaul @tomlee80 I like Red Dwarf! I have to admit to not having watched enough. I have to catch them on Netflix or elsewhere @SlashVohaul A true Anglophile! Please note the first 6 seasons are the good ones.I see so many parallels between ‪#reddwarf‬ ‪#spacequest‬ The history of Red Dwarf's creators is kind of similar too. At one stage Rob Grant and Doug Naylor (The Two Guys From Red Dwarf) parted away and wrote separate novels based around the red dwarf characters and universe (One called The Last Human and the other I can't remember right now....look it up). Who else here are big red dwarf fans and perhaps draw comparisons like me...or have I lost it!
  19. Hey, guys. Because of a limitation on SQN, I'm going to post these highlights in segments. These links are all time codes in the full 4+ hour Hangout that was attended by notable veterans such as Jess Morrissette, Frederik Olsen, PCJ (whose connection crashed every five minutes), and ... holy shit, Akril shows up at the end! Anyway, here's the first batch of highlights. So, I'll bet you're all really jealous you couldn't make it to the first ever Space Quest Superfan Hangout on Google+ (which took place this Friday). For those of you still blissfully unaware of the glorious mayhem you may have missed, here are a few points of interest: Scott Murphy showed up, unannounced, about an hour into the proceedings, and regaled us all with stories of past conquests and dirty King's Quest secrets. Patrick, a.k.a. PCJ (our fearless web admin), breezed through the two first Space Quest games in under an hour and left us all gasping for air. Samuel Lawson, a.k.a. Dat Engineer, got cut off more times than a traffic warden on his first day of work. Jess Morrissette, proprietor of the first-ever Space Quest fan site, The Virtual Broomcloset, gave up on Space Quest 6 after the first few puzzles and resigned to play "The Fun-Seekers Guide to Eastern Madera County" (an easter egg on the Space Quest Collection CD-ROM). Frederik Olsen, project lead on the fan game Vohaul Strikes Back, joined the Hangout with an impending hangover and took on Space Quest V. What a trooper. Everyone had a blast. And we are definitely going to do this again. If you would like to get in on this fun, please leave a comment on this page and add +Roger Wilco to your Google+ circles. Scott Murphy explains how he added some secret sauce to King's Quest II: http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=bWSlJHMH0cY#t=5735s Jess Morrissette is still stuck on the first puzzle of Space Quest 6, 25 minutes into the proceedings: http-~~-//t.co/yV8rXeP2 This post has been promoted to an article
  20. Hey all, I posted this idea to the Kickstarter campaign, and to make sure it wasn't lost, I wanted to submit it to the massive think tank we have going here. Maybe it will spark more ideas, who knows. See what you think: Alright, so I think I have a decent--and admittedly undeveloped--idea for later prototypes: The Isla Dome is invaded by Sludge Vohaul and the Two Guys have been captured. To rescue them, you will need various gadgets and build a space ship. This is where Kickstarter comes in: To acquire all the gadgets and parts necessary, the event will have to reach the goal. In the meantime, you can purchase various parts to start building your ship and assemble a crew; each milestone will add more parts. When the $500k goal is hit, you get to fly off and fight your nemesis to save the Guys so they can start on their new game. Just a brainfart. What do you think? -Tom
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