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Found 8 results

  1. Heeey all! Long time no posting. I have been pretty busy these times, and not really active on the forums. I do still check the forum regularly for posts that could possibly catch my attention, but these days, with life, and the current downfall of my second Minecraft Space Quest, I didn't post anything since a long time. I then thought to myself : if I don't see any posts that captive me enough to continue posting on here, why wouldn't I make my own one? So I got this passion recently into game theorizing. I love game theorizing. Thinking about what could possibly be some things that are
  2. Hey guys! It's BlockMaster again! I was fooling around in the Space Quest code recently, trying to find some new discoveries, but almost everything out-of-game that I thought that I was the first to find was already found by someone. I then started to copy the Space Quest scripts in text documents to start looking in that for new discoveries. That was a great idea. Because I don't have the first game in EGA, I started looking in Space Quest I VGA, and I found something that isn't in the game in the first script. I found that in the script, inventory items are represented like this : ins
  3. Working on the latest SQH podcast prompted me to make some major changes to my Sierra's Resource Files site. I've taken a closer look at some of the games' text in SCI Viewer, and I'm starting to get a much better sense of where and when some of the things I've found were supposed to appear in their respective games. I've discovered several things which I didn't add to the pages for one reason or another, nearly all of it from SQ4 and SQ6. With this influx of new material, I've had to do a lot of shuffling around. The SQ series are now on a page of their own rather than the Miscellaneous page
  4. Finally, I think that I found something never seen before in the Space Quest folders! Look at this : http://www.flickr.com/photos/106016985@N05/sets/72157637093575225/
  5. I found these lines in the source code of Space Quest III : "Looks like this bird's in good shape.", "So, how do you like the game so far? Was it worth $59.95?" "Hey, we're hungry. We haven't eaten anything but jello for the last few weeks." "I hafta go to the bathroom." "Can't you make this crate go any faster?" "Just between you and me, I think ol' Wilco's been in space too long." What does that means? There is no bird in Space Quest III, and they mention the game's price. I wonder if you know something about this.
  6. Look at this! I don't know what you use it for, but when I look at it, it says : "keycard".
  7. Have you ever seen this before? This is an unused background hidden in the folder of, belive it or not, King's Quest VII! Nobody knows what this was supposed to be used for, but it's still an interesting fact. Maybe it was a plan for an easter egg in King's Quest, like a portal that leads you to Space Quest. Who knows? Anyway, just something I found that I thought I would share. Please, reply and tell me what are your thoughts about this.
  8. I finally managed to download the Space Quest 4 CD update by New Rising Sun, and I entered the Room Removed for Legal Reasons. It is a really strange place. I just want to collect information around. Here are all the things that I noticed. When you arrive, you don't see the room through the glass of the Time Pod. You see only the spiral of colors shown when you travel somewhere. There is a strange, melancolic background music that does not originates from any known Space Quest music. If the Sierra orchestra recorded a special music for that room, that means that it was likely intended
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