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Found 2 results

  1. I know that in Space Quest 6, there is like 4 objects that are not used. I thought about a way to see them in-game, and I thought that it could be possible to find my saved games directory, find all the data that is associated to Roger, find the inventory data, add the missing objects data, and VOILA! The only problem is that I'm not a good programmer at all. I don't know where are my saved games, neither how to edit them. Could someone help me please?
  2. Have you ever seen this before? This is an unused background hidden in the folder of, belive it or not, King's Quest VII! Nobody knows what this was supposed to be used for, but it's still an interesting fact. Maybe it was a plan for an easter egg in King's Quest, like a portal that leads you to Space Quest. Who knows? Anyway, just something I found that I thought I would share. Please, reply and tell me what are your thoughts about this.
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