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Found 18 results

  1. The SpaceVenture demo will be available from https://www.guysfromandromeda.com/svrewards/rewards/ for $15 and up backers.
  2. Hey kids! James Mulvale here, I wrote the score for Quest for Infamy, the Cluck Y'egger game, SpaceVenture prototypes and a bunch of other stuff...I am NOW writing an album of both orchestral and organic-sound musical compositions that are recorded in true 3D audio meaning you will hear things coming from in-front and behind your head, above and below it... Not just left and right. My music will sample nature as well as human and household sounds and I intend to make my listeners feel like they are a million light years away. Please spread the word and if you think this is a pretty cool idea (it's definitely an unusual experience) then throw a few dollars in this direction and you'll be in for a treat! KICKSTARTER PAGE and here's another 3D audio tune made entirely from DUCK TAPE... Headphones Necessary for 3D!! DUCK TAPE SONG Love JM (sickfiction)
  3. Greetings! After four months of hard work, Akril and I are proud to announce the release of Pledge Quest II: Noodle Shop of Horrors. You can head over to the newly-launched PledgeQuest.Net and download it now for Windows, Mac, and Linux!* Here's a screenshot from the opening cinematic that showcases Akril's awesome art on the project: I hope you folks enjoy the game; it was a blast working on it. Now, let's spread the word** and rustle up a few more buckazoids for the SpaceVenture stretch goals! Jess * Special thanks to Lunchbox and s_d for all their hard work to provide day-one Mac and Linux support! ** Twitter is being weird and blocking the PledgeQuest.Net domain in tweets, so if you want to share it there, try this Google-shortened URL instead: http://goo.gl/4H7vj
  4. Check out the Starring page of http://geekmediaexpo.com/?n=starring Looks like the Two Guys are going, as well as Rob Paulsen and a few other cool people. :y:
  5. On July 6th there was a SpaceVenture update about a new backers website, and it said that e-mails containing log-in details would be going out shortly after. I'm wondering if anyone else still hasn't got theirs, because it's nearly 2 months later now and I'm left wondering what happened to mine. :( I tried going to svrewards.com/ and doing the whole "forgotten password" thing, but still no e-mail came through, so I'm not sure what's going on. Edit: a new password eventually showed in my e-mail, it just took a few hours to do so.
  6. Hey guys, I'd love to get your thoughts on our new PayPal stretch goals page before we do an official update. I need you all to have some things in mind first. Before slamming the things we have there, remember that we are trying to achieve more so we can add the new features to SpaceVenture. Rest assured, the game will be made, as we have the funding now, but this page below will show you our stretch goal plans. Scott and Mark themselves decided on what the stretch goals would be. I of course gave my 2 cents from a fan perspective, but in the end, they decided on what they considered to be most valuable and what kind of funding we'd need to implement them. Also, consider the fact that I did try and take out certain reward objects that were meant for Kickstarter only. I did need to leave certain things so that new comers will still be excited to pledge for our cause. These stetch goals will only be available for a limited time of course. Note that we're still cleaning up the text/font/formatting stuff on this page and a new piece of artwork will soon be added as well. And in reading all of that, I'd love you to post your feedback here on this forum thread. Thanks so much everyone for all of the support! I apologize that we've been a bit quiet in the last few days. You're about to start hearing a lot more from me and the Two Guys now that we've got some more of the details worked out. More podcasts/interviews/contests coming up! Ok here we go. The password is "twoguys" The link to get the sneak peak is http://guysfromandro...s-spaceventure/ Thanks again everyone! :) Chris Pope
  7. Just something ridiculous that struck me last night... https://p.twimg.com/Au_T2EBCQAMlvvw.gif:large https://p.twimg.com/AvB7yKZCIAAuGEu.gif:large Search for Fester Blatz on Google Images and create your own! Jess
  8. All right, they scratched our back! Time to scratch theirs! Tex Murphy kindly mentioned #SpaceVenture - Help them: http://tinyurl.com/TexMurphy
  9. Hey, gang! Just a reminder that the Second Superfan Hangout is today -- Saturday, June 9th -- at 2:00 PM Eastern/11:00 AM Pacific. We'll be playing Space Quest fan games this time, with several fan game designers on hand to discuss their work. Rumor has it that we might even have a super-secret surprise guest join in on the fun. As always, we're there to get the word out about the Two Guys' SpaceVenture. If we happen to have a few laughs in the process, all the better. :) More details are here; we'll get a link to the live YouTube stream up as soon as it's running. UPDATE: You can access the live YouTube stream below when the Hangout is underway: [media=]http-~~-//youtu.be/DskFTrLwjO8[/media] Jess
  10. Hey, guys. Because of a limitation on SQN, I'm going to post these highlights in segments. These links are all time codes in the full 4+ hour Hangout that was attended by notable veterans such as Jess Morrissette, Frederik Olsen, PCJ (whose connection crashed every five minutes), and ... holy shit, Akril shows up at the end! Anyway, here's the first batch of highlights. So, I'll bet you're all really jealous you couldn't make it to the first ever Space Quest Superfan Hangout on Google+ (which took place this Friday). For those of you still blissfully unaware of the glorious mayhem you may have missed, here are a few points of interest: Scott Murphy showed up, unannounced, about an hour into the proceedings, and regaled us all with stories of past conquests and dirty King's Quest secrets. Patrick, a.k.a. PCJ (our fearless web admin), breezed through the two first Space Quest games in under an hour and left us all gasping for air. Samuel Lawson, a.k.a. Dat Engineer, got cut off more times than a traffic warden on his first day of work. Jess Morrissette, proprietor of the first-ever Space Quest fan site, The Virtual Broomcloset, gave up on Space Quest 6 after the first few puzzles and resigned to play "The Fun-Seekers Guide to Eastern Madera County" (an easter egg on the Space Quest Collection CD-ROM). Frederik Olsen, project lead on the fan game Vohaul Strikes Back, joined the Hangout with an impending hangover and took on Space Quest V. What a trooper. Everyone had a blast. And we are definitely going to do this again. If you would like to get in on this fun, please leave a comment on this page and add +Roger Wilco to your Google+ circles. Scott Murphy explains how he added some secret sauce to King's Quest II: http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=bWSlJHMH0cY#t=5735s Jess Morrissette is still stuck on the first puzzle of Space Quest 6, 25 minutes into the proceedings: http-~~-//t.co/yV8rXeP2 This post has been promoted to an article
  11. Scott mentioned on Twitter that he'd be all over a Space Quest/SpaceVenture convention. I was thinking we could probably do a virtual convention pretty easily - like on Sarien.net or in a version of the AGS IRC client (like was used at the AGS Awards). Thoughts? (This could probably intrude on the "access to private chat room discussions with Scott and Mark" $150 Kickstarter tier, but it could also help promote it...)
  12. Prototype #2 is now live! It is recommended that you listen to this audio clip first: [media=]http-~~-//traffic.libsyn.com/techjives/Proto2_Intro.mp3[/media] After playing the prototype, listen to this clip: [media=]http-~~-//traffic.libsyn.com/techjives/Proto2_End.mp3[/media] I've also extracted and made available for other browsers the prototype: http://pcj.bz/sq/sketch2 (They've got a warning message this time for non-Chrome users, appropriately so).
  13. Saw somewhere that the Tex Murphy folks were making up fliers and posters and stuff for gaming stores, comic shops... So I thought I'd make a little thing to throw up in random places. Don't know that it'll do anything, but I'll just enjoy confusing people. If anyone feels like making something more counter-friendly for shops... That might work too. So here's a poster that requires a Monolith Burger decoder ring. Link to a PDF below with 6-per sheet, ideal for sticker paper. Sheet of 6 x 8.5x11 - http://www.aultenavr.../tgakick-6x.pdf .PSD - http://www.aultenavry.com/tgakick.psd
  14. http://vimeo.com/42309304 This post has been promoted to an article
  15. The first SpaceVenture Prototype demo is live! The link to the Chrome Web Store doesn't seem to be working at the moment, but hopefully it will soon. I took the liberty of adding the news to the front page. Please let me know if I'm overstepping my boundaries.
  16. http://guysfromandro...q42-scott-mark/ http-~~-//traffic.libsyn.com/techjives/004-Rahul_Choudhury_Scott_And_Mark.mp3 Rahul Choudhury (Q42) who helped make prototype 1 of the Kickstarter releases discusses HTML5 and what the game plan is on the prototypes. After Rahul, Scott and Mark join in to give some more input as to what is in store! This post has been promoted to an article
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