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Found 4 results

  1. Hello SpaceVenture/SpaceQuest fans! Chris Pope here, Guys From Andromeda LLC is hiring for both a paid full time position and intern position (royalty based) for the below position. Requirements: Proven ability to model, rig and and animate low-poly character models in Blender, 3Ds* (or any modeling tool that exports to 3Ds) based on provided 3 view sketches. * must own 3Ds Texture creation in Photoshop* is a big plus * must own Photoshop Available 10 - 15(for intern position) 40+ hrs per week min for full time. Love classic point and click adventure games. Benefits: Work with Scott and Mark Gain experience that can be added as a reference and put on a resume Credited in SpaceVenture See a lot of game content that no one else sees (Keep in mind, that means spoilers) Ability to use Guys From Andromeda LLC as a reference for future work Automatic invite to the SpaceVenture wrap party in Oakhurst CA HOW DO YOU APPLY? Email your resume to chris AT guysfromandromeda DOT com (email written this way to protect against email harvesting bots) Put in the subject line "3D Character Modeler/Animator Intern Position". Include in the body of the email: Name Where you live What time zone you are on How many hours you can work per week How quickly can you start Be sure resume is attached! Thanks guys! Chris Pope
  2. ****** SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED, THANKS EVERYONE! ****** Hey everyone! I'm looking for someone who is good with video to help with some video related things involving the podcasts. As a lot of you know, it has been a struggle dealing with Justin.TV, and it's ability to not record the audio during the live shows. Switching to a different provider for that at this time is not an option. Here's what I need someone to do: * Pull the audio from our Commentary Page and the video from the Justin.TV page and merge the two together into a single video file. This includes all the videos on Justin.TV that have sound already. * The audio must match as closely as possible to the video as you can. * The video/audio quality must be as high as possible. What do you get out of all this? * Name credited as "Special Thanks" in the SpaceVenture credits along with a separate credit listing those that helped in some special way. * An increase on what content you can view at http://svrewards.com * Possibly some other cool things (as they are available) throughout the SpaceVenture creation process ;) How do you submit yourself for this to me? * Provide me with proof that you can do the work * Go to http://guysfromandro...-recorded-6312/ and take the audio from the MP3 and the Video from Justin.tv and create me a video file that has the 2 together as closely matched on timing as possible. You can use dropbox or some other free file sharing site to share the file with me. Email me chris@guysfromandromeda.com with your link info. How much time do you have? 1 week from today (8/23/12). The best match will be selected for this. Thanks so much everyone for all of your time and effort with this! :) Chris Pope
  3. Podcast 3 is up :) http://guysfromandromeda.com/podcast-episode-3-guest-host-ken-allen/
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