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Found 1 result

  1. I was digging through some of my old sketchbooks recently when I recalled that I still had a lot of old SQ fan art on my hard drive -- and some of it actually didn't make me want to pound my head on my desk screaming, "WHY...WHY...WHY!?" Some of the older ones might have gotten posted to the VBC's fan art section some time ago, but I figured I'd dredge up a few of them and post them here, for old spaces' sake. 2000: An old drawing I did of Stellar...and that's pretty much it. Cruddy Bryce 3D background and crudely drawn rendition of Roger aside, I still kind of like this piece. I can't really say the same for this one, though I do recall spending some time on it. 2001: I liked this image enough to upload it to DeviantART a few years after I first made it. 2003: I really shouldn't color in pencil sketches, slap a bunch of digital effects on top and hope no one will notice...but I did it here anyway. 2004: One of my first attempts at getting back into the magical world of drawing with colored pencils. This picture of the clerk at the software store in SQX didn't turn out as spectacularly as I'd hoped...but hey, real media, right? Perspective problems, blecchy vector art and little more than an excuse to make a picture with the name "Gravity Beckons"...but I still like it. 2005: An unfinished wallpaper featuring Roger. I think the blank space on the right was going to have a variety of quotes (mostly from SQ6) on it, but I never got around to finishing the whole thing. 2006: I think this is the best piece of SQ fanart I've done. My artistic skills may have improved somewhat over the past 6 years, but I still think this piece looks better than the "Spike Hug" one.
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