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Found 1 result

  1. ****** SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED, THANKS EVERYONE! ****** Hey everyone! I'm looking for someone who is good with video to help with some video related things involving the podcasts. As a lot of you know, it has been a struggle dealing with Justin.TV, and it's ability to not record the audio during the live shows. Switching to a different provider for that at this time is not an option. Here's what I need someone to do: * Pull the audio from our Commentary Page and the video from the Justin.TV page and merge the two together into a single video file. This includes all the videos on Justin.TV that have sound already. * The audio must match as closely as possible to the video as you can. * The video/audio quality must be as high as possible. What do you get out of all this? * Name credited as "Special Thanks" in the SpaceVenture credits along with a separate credit listing those that helped in some special way. * An increase on what content you can view at http://svrewards.com * Possibly some other cool things (as they are available) throughout the SpaceVenture creation process ;) How do you submit yourself for this to me? * Provide me with proof that you can do the work * Go to http://guysfromandro...-recorded-6312/ and take the audio from the MP3 and the Video from Justin.tv and create me a video file that has the 2 together as closely matched on timing as possible. You can use dropbox or some other free file sharing site to share the file with me. Email me chris@guysfromandromeda.com with your link info. How much time do you have? 1 week from today (8/23/12). The best match will be selected for this. Thanks so much everyone for all of your time and effort with this! :) Chris Pope
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