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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, I'd love to get your thoughts on our new PayPal stretch goals page before we do an official update. I need you all to have some things in mind first. Before slamming the things we have there, remember that we are trying to achieve more so we can add the new features to SpaceVenture. Rest assured, the game will be made, as we have the funding now, but this page below will show you our stretch goal plans. Scott and Mark themselves decided on what the stretch goals would be. I of course gave my 2 cents from a fan perspective, but in the end, they decided on what they considered to be most valuable and what kind of funding we'd need to implement them. Also, consider the fact that I did try and take out certain reward objects that were meant for Kickstarter only. I did need to leave certain things so that new comers will still be excited to pledge for our cause. These stetch goals will only be available for a limited time of course. Note that we're still cleaning up the text/font/formatting stuff on this page and a new piece of artwork will soon be added as well. And in reading all of that, I'd love you to post your feedback here on this forum thread. Thanks so much everyone for all of the support! I apologize that we've been a bit quiet in the last few days. You're about to start hearing a lot more from me and the Two Guys now that we've got some more of the details worked out. More podcasts/interviews/contests coming up! Ok here we go. The password is "twoguys" The link to get the sneak peak is http://guysfromandro...s-spaceventure/ Thanks again everyone! :) Chris Pope
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