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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings! After four months of hard work, Akril and I are proud to announce the release of Pledge Quest II: Noodle Shop of Horrors. You can head over to the newly-launched PledgeQuest.Net and download it now for Windows, Mac, and Linux!* Here's a screenshot from the opening cinematic that showcases Akril's awesome art on the project: I hope you folks enjoy the game; it was a blast working on it. Now, let's spread the word** and rustle up a few more buckazoids for the SpaceVenture stretch goals! Jess * Special thanks to Lunchbox and s_d for all their hard work to provide day-one Mac and Linux support! ** Twitter is being weird and blocking the PledgeQuest.Net domain in tweets, so if you want to share it there, try this Google-shortened URL instead: http://goo.gl/4H7vj
  2. Hey, gang! I've had an idea kicking around for the last few days, so I thought I'd throw it out there for the community to digest. Inspired by the guy who created a short LucasArts-style adventure as a job application for Double Fine, I thought it might be a fun idea to create a one-room AGI adventure to promote the SpaceVenture Kickstarter. My concept was a short adventure featuring a Space Quest fan completing a couple of puzzles (finding his/her wallet, accessing his/her computer, etc.) that culminate in the character pledging to the campaign. Of course, the whole thing would end by encouraging the player to follow up with a real-life pledge. I have some general ideas about the design and writing, but I have absolutely zero knowledge of AGI -- so I can't really pull together the graphics, sound, and programming on my own. Is there anybody out there with AGI experience that wants to work with me on putting this together? Clearly, the timetable is tight; I assume we'd want to wrap it up within the week. Having never played with AGI, I have no idea whether that's even feasible. That said, it seemed like a fun idea. I'm curious what you folks think... Jess
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