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Found 4 results

  1. Ok, I opened Space Quest IV with SCI studio and this is all the text and messages that are related to the Time Pod : After looking at that, I realized that there is a bunch of messages that are related to the Nose or Tongue icons. However, you can't use these icons in the Time Pod. Tell me if you find something else about this.
  2. I know quite much about Space Quest IV, but I don't think Roger ever swims. I found sprites of him swimming in the files. Strange, isn't it? Look at my attached file to see it yourselves. View398-0-0.bmp
  3. Look at this! I don't know what you use it for, but when I look at it, it says : "keycard".
  4. I'm sure that almost all you guys know the Space Quest IV time codes, but do you know them all? Sure, there is the code for Estros, the code for Space Quest XII, the code for the Galaxy Galleria and the code for Ulence Flats, that's four of them. Just for you to know, in total, there is nine time codes. Nine! I was always the kind of guy that was looking for new time codes. I spent afternoons looking for new ones. This can be a spoiler or an idea for you. If it's an idea, you can replay Space Quest IV and try to find new time codes. If it's a spoiler, click on the spoiler buttons below. Ulence Flats code : Space Quest ? code : I L??? L????? code : Biggest secret in Space Quest (or game crash) code : If you want to find the codes yourself without looking at the spoilers and you just want a hint, tell me, I'll give you one. Please do not reply with spoilers.
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