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  1. I....am going to bed. I hashed this out in the shower, and at work, probably subject to change, but here it is for now. All comments welcome. The ballad of 218K - Dedicated to those who never gave up, and everyone else besides. (Think "The Times they are a Changin" by Bob Dylan, mixed with "Scarborough Fair" - the Simon and Garfunkel version) With a dash of the Space Quest 1 theme thrown in for relief. :) 218K is pronounced two-one-eight-K) COME! Gather around and I’ll tell you a tale Of brave Women and Men who all Pledged to prevail Over fantastic odds, and the trolls in their way, As they reached the great slowdown of 218K Space Pope was assembling an army to fear Yes the Two Guys would come, but they were not yet near. The Andromedan cavalry, riding our way In the deafening silence of 218K But the trolls did besiege our poor garrisoned mound Well, the total went up, and the total went down Oh they toyed with emotions and got in our way, In that terrible struggle of 218K Yes, we fought and we bickered, we knew it was bleak Seemed we wouldn’t reach 500K in two weeks. There would be no Space Venture, and nothing to play If we just couldn’t win against 218K But, in that darkest hour, hearts heavy with dread, Our adventure games future, it hung by a thread.. Out of sheer desperation, with no more to say We clawed out of the trenches of 218K Now if we stood a chance, heck, we just couldn’t tell With the cone on our side, though it wasn’t, as well? Oh the Trends, and the Triangle fought us that day As we clashed, worn and weary, with 218K All adventurers rallied to put out the word On the forums, and tweeted (though not like a bird) And then, ever so slowly we pulled from the fray And we gained some momentum through 218K So! With 42 bullets and 5 guns apiece, The Xenon Special Forces, they led our release With the power of Polycheese, and Douglas A, Slowly scaled the great mountain of 218K *tempo slows* As we drew near the crest, there was hope in the air For we knew it would all be downhill beyond there - With one final full-Nelson, pushed over the line... …..And we gazed on green pastures of sweet 219 Friends! This story impassioned, is one of renown - Tell your children to pass-down our tale to their own, Of the Quests that we went through to be here today, And to look back in wonder at 218K. Yes we look back in triumph at 218K. So. Who’s good with an acoustic guitar? :P
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