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ScumSoft V1.0 (LEGO MOC)

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great job on this! heh, two great loves of mine you've combined here, lego and SQ, SQ3 even ! It'd be awesome to see the Mallard or the Skull Fighters in lego... hrm... or even an entire SQ game in lego... sorry, getting carried away here..

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original skullfighter SQ3

Posted Image


an "astroskull" ?

Posted Image


not quite the skull fighters, but kind of interesting they used the same colours; and its a spaceship shaped like a skull... heh, I think i'll have to get some my legos together and build me a genuine one one of these days...


more shots of this guy's astro skulls at


http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/lofiver ... 18824.html



This however, saddens me, (because I someone's gone and already done the Mallard for real before me ) but it is also very cool, I don't remember the front having two seats tho?


Posted Image


more shots of it here



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Oooh, Legos! One of my favorite toys, and one I still play with to this day. I've got a whole collection of little weapons and armor and accessories and such for this Lego action figure I built years ago and still design stuff for...


...but that's neither here nor there. These are, though:


Lego Alluminum Mallard

A version of the Mallard I made years ago, using a virtual building block program (I didn't have *nearly* enough pieces of the right shapes to do this one for real). Not nearly as neat-looking as the one earlier in this post (wow, nice!), but at least mine's more or less to scale. ;)


Aaah! Spider!

Poor Roger running for his life across the dunes of Kerona, pursued by the Sarien's spider droid. Yes, I know, there's a bit of a design mix-up here - Roger is clearly meant to be his blue-suited VGA self, while the droid is the original EGA model. :P

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