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Thankyou for your post on the Janitorial Times. The filesworked perfectly.


For those who are interested in taking a look at the files the .LWO was the entire ship while the .OBJ is just the thrusters.

This isnt a fault with the obj as i tried it in multiple programs.


However .lwo files are for lightwave and not Daz3D so if you wish to view the complete mallard in Daz3D you will first

need to convert the file to a .OBJ. This can be done very easily with another called poseray.


Once again we should all Thankyou very much to Pcj as this is a great donation to the sq fan community.


Regards the wilconologist. :D

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Apologies for resurrecting an old thread.


Roger's Nightmare & Space Quest Meets Quake are at this (Google Drive) link:


As is the Roger Wilco Window Washer pic, at least in it's initial form.

And some old interviews and other sketches that were languishing for a never-to-come WilcoWeb update.



-Kevin "WilcoWeb" Wallace

twitter: @wilcoweb

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