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Sierra oakhurst location

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Found this, which suggests a different address, 48677 Victoria Ln Oakhurst, CA.


http://dosguru.tumblr.com/post/27268088 ... l-building


http://maps.google.com/maps?q=40033+Sie ... CBUQ8gEwAA


Neither show any hills behind like in the photo of the building. It might be possible to ask Al Lowe if he remembers the address, as he is about the most approachable of the old Sierra employees.

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I have emailed al lowe regarding pics of the building and unfortunatley he cant provide me with anything. However I just discovered interesting.


The sierra way address mentioned previously may not be the correct address.

Try using google maps to 48677 Victoria Lane Oakhurst, CA 93644


It comes up with a medical centre but the buildings roof looks alot more accurate.


As a result I have asked Al to confirm the address for us.

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For those wishing to clarify the where the "sierra" building is located the following is a quote that i recieved from Al Lowe via email


40033 Sierra Way 426 Oakhurst, CA was the "new" Sierra building, a steel barn that Ken bought when they ran out of room in 48677 Victoria Lane Oakhurst, CA 93644.


The redwood building is the place you're talking about. It's now a medical center. In fact, some doctors had offices there even when we were there. I remember we had a big weight loss bet and we used the scales in the doctor's office off the lobby every Friday to see who paid that week!


Thought that may interest some of you.

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wow, i've driven by that place at least a half dozen times (unfortunately after Sierra was gone) and never even noticed it. so close to the 41-49 junction too, would have never thought it was that far inside town. the pics always made it look like it was in the middle of nowhere, but then again most of Oakhurst is like that LOL


i'm going to have to roll in there if I'm that way again and snap some pix.

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There was a similar thread on SHP and Rudy of Sierra Chest, who has made contact with a number of old Sierra people, posted this:

Barry T Smith sent me this once, the coordinates of all Sierra buildings and other points of interest in Oakhurst.




Enter these coordinates into Google Maps and zoom in to see what there was of Sierra (and of interest) in Oakhurst.


37.330123,-119.646617 - The Sierra Online Building. Built in 1989-90. The "mothership" as it were.


37.327717,-119.659503 - The OLD Sierra Online building, used pre 1990 building and even after there were a few years overlap. It played prominently in one of the Space Quest games when you meet the Two Guys from Andromeda.


37.33261,-119.655039 - Home of Red Dog Studios, a Mac centric pilot project that was a response to the Living Books of Broderbund. We made "Slater and Charlie go Camping" there. We only made the one game before closing down and relocating the team back in the main building.


37.332844,-119.650552 - The world Famous Talking Bear. A Sierra staff favorite. He even has a Facebook page as Talking Bear (of course)."


37.334736,-119.649275 - I believe this building was the home of Sierra Studios, the video capture studio built for "Phantsmagoria", but used for many other games that required video captured walk cycles, actors and other elements.


37.322905,-119.577878 - Bass Lake. A favorite hang out of Sierra staff AND this particular beach I've marked out is what I believe to be the same lakeside area where we held the annual "Meat Blow Out". A bring your own meat BBQ the staff would throw each Summer. By the way, Bass Lake is also the same lake they filmed "The Great Outdoors" at, staring Dan Ackroyd and John Candy.


37.351663,-119.642242 - The "Old Barn". The Sierra Network was housed here as well as a few other pilot programs.




Although most Sierra staff has moved out of Oakhurst a long time ago, there are still a few who live there (or near there): Jim Walls (Coarsegold), Bill Shockley, Susan Norman, Bob Heitman, Jon Bock, Gloria Garland, Bill Davis, Teri Robinson, Brian and Deena Ellis, Tony Hernandez, Desie Hartman, Robert Fisher (Madera), and probably more.

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Blade, Thanks for this. Most of the youtube video wasnt that much help but you were absoloutley right about ther being

a good shot of the building at the start.


Once again thanks.


Been poking around online myself trying to find out about the old Sierra building and how it looks today.

Got some resources for you all which I think you'll find interesting.


Here's a pic of the building in 2005




And here's an episode of Health Care Heroes which covers Community Medical Centre Oakhurst which stands there today.

There's a great view of the front of the building around 16 seconds in. You can view the vid in 720 HD for a better look.



Sadly I've found nothing on the 'new' building at Sierra Way. If anyone has any recent pics of that, I'd love to see them.

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Yeah Frans, compared to that photo, the old HQ does look flipped in SQ3.


So with new light shed by the commentary podcasts by the 2 guys, you can see on Google maps behind the older Sierra headquarters on Victoria Ln and Hwy 41 from SQ3 (37.327717,-119.659503) that high-end French restaraunt refered to by Scott, Erna's Elderberry House. Also, across the street from the post-1990 Sierra Way building (37.330123,-119.646617) is Sierra Telephone; it looks like Sierra Telephone now uses this building as mentioned by Ken Allen in the chatrooms. This is the steel barn building as seen in Chris Pope's 1996 photos, so that answers some people's questions about why the building wasn't a beautiful redwood building as seen in SQ3.

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