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Two Guys Podcast Episode Live

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Thanks, Chris!


Highlights ("live-blogging" this):

  • Chris Pope is on the Guys from Andromeda team, sort of the fan liaison and web guy
  • Boxers or briefs? Mark - Thermoweave, Scott - almost commando time
  • Where have the Two Guys been? Mark's lately been working at Pipeworks, Scott's been trying to find himself, take care of his mother. Both now working at "Guys from Andromeda", Mark has officially left Pipeworks (with good feelings on both sides)
  • Discussion of how they met Chris, and his attempts to get them back together. (But they got back together before he had much progress)
  • Mark and Scott came up with the majority of the content on their site
  • The new game is entirely an original story, though in the spirit of Space Quest (since it's their humor).
  • They may look at pursuing more Space Quest down the road.
  • A lot of fan involvement in what goes into the new game (part of Chris's job)
  • Gary Owens is the narrator
  • Glanz Handerson is Justin Martin, a voice talent in the DFW area
  • They're targeting a mix of new/old talent
  • Funding - they will be indeed doing a Kickstarter
  • Building a game close to what everyone loves, they want creative control
  • They know there are a lot of Kickstarter projects out there, so they're not going to start it yet, pending fan feedback
  • Lots of contests down the road, weekly updates, interviews
  • Chris is the main go-to contact (to make sure things get done)
  • Feel free to contribute ideas, questions, etc for the podcast (nothing copyrighted)
  • The Slash Vohaul story was supposed to be in-game (more), but didn't pan out

Yaaay! :D

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I vividly remember reading Scott's personal stories per e-mail. It had a huge impact on me at the time, because I idolize(d) him like rock star... Not so much as Freddie Mercury, mind you. But then again, Scott didn't have the looks. Nor the voice... Nor the hand...


Seriously though, it's pretty weird to hear something of a summary like that on the podcast. Still, the guy sounds like he's ready to take over the world with his pal; Pinky... I mean... Mark.


Boy, I'm going to enjoy those upcoming episodes like Patrick Stewart enjoys his Earl Grey.

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Frans... It's funny you mentioned Pinky from Pinky and the Brain but I'll say no more ;P

Quoth Chris' own Wikipedia page:


Chris also produces audio for celebrity voice actor Rob Paulsen's "Talkin Toons with Rob Paulsen" as well as provides the social media publicity.

Rob Paulsen is, among many things, the voice of Pinky.


So I'm thinking maybe some more celebrity voices will be joining the voice cast for the Spaceventure? As far as conjecture goes, I'd say this one is pretty bankable. :P

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it'll be cool if somebody create transcript of podcast ;D



However... 40min is very BIG words box :o


Thx Scott & Mark for new modern voices (excl. their voices from the video of their returning). Cool.


Alas I can't understand all of this stuff. Voice English is harder than Text :)



But anyway cool. Thanks, PCJ, for short retelling

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it'll be cool if somebody create transcript of podcast ;D



However... 40min is very BIG words box ;)


Alas I can't understand all of this stuff. Voice English is harder than Text :)

Man, I sympathize! 40 minutes is a bit long for a full transcript, at least for me. But feel free to ask questions about anything that's got you confused, and I'll be more than happy to fill in some blanks. :)

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OMG (and other acronyms). Thanks, you guys'es. :)


You can tell I'm nervous, right? ;) But seriously, my goal here is to bridge the gap between developers and fans. This stuff isn't going to happen without fan support, and I'm going to look damn well ridiculous if this thing doesn't follow through. ;)


So thank you, guys!

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Podcast #2 was a great listen. It was great to hear the history of the SQ fandom as told by one of its earliest "pioneers".


At times I felt myself wishing that I'd been born a few years earlier and had gotten into Sierra a little earlier than 1999.

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