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Nough said...   http://kck.st/JVeY2T

Pledged! There are lots of exciting details on the Kickstarter page (iPad version, voice cast, et cetera). I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about in the days and weeks ahead.   Jess

The Kickstarter just hit Joystiq! Hopefully, other news outlets will pick it up from here and drive more potential backers to the site.   Jess

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Actually, it is. In the physical $100 tier label on the spreadsheet:


Ah, yeah, you're right. Sorry. I've seen that the field for digital soundtrack wasn't checked (and also it says in the Kickstarter tier that the soundtrack isn't included) and thought it wasn't.

So then I assume the soundtrack that comes with the physical $100 is on the DVD, since the digital soundtrack isn't checked.


Well, damn, I guess not offering digital versions along with the physical ones is a way to increase sales. But if I get the box, I'd like to keep it sealed. Hmpf.

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Well, you'd just be missing the downloadable versions of the stuff you have on the disk. But yeah, it's a bit of an artificial separation when I can't imagine adding the physical backers to the digital distribution would cost them any more. It's interesting that none of the higher-dollar backers are going for the digital options.

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The LSL guys did something really clever for their "last-mile push" against the goal: lowering prices for the top-dollar tiers. On the other hand, you don't want people to feel cheated or bummed out because they pledged "too soon." (And I still hate the word "pledge." Please let's find a better one. ;) )




Thoughts? Hate? Orats-on-a-Stick?

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