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Papier Adventure kickstarter

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So there are a few of us already backing Papier Adventure



but I expected there to be more. Some people at Pinkerton forums have said they are holding back for lack of information. Recently there was a nice interview posted with some additional info



and now there is a reddit IAmA being held so please come help ask questions, especially if you're holding back due to lack of info:


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You, me, Nockgeneer, S.D, and Riggo would be 5. Know of any others? There are a few more Papier backers who also pledged SV but I don't think they hang out here at all (more Pinkerton Roadies): Sio, Matt, Astrid, A.A.


Even if it is 6 of us, 6 out of 10k adventure fans seems rather skimpy turnout!


What am I? Chopped orat? I backed Papier, too.


Edit: Unless you ARE talking to me...in which case, ignore this. I haven't had my coffee yet this morning. :blink:

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Dunno, while Serena is mighty, being counted as two does have unfortunate connotations (conjoined twinning and morbid obesity being two of the more offensive possibilities), so I'd stick to a count of one.


Juanita D. backed, as well! She goes all the way back to Pinkerton Road and SV, in addition to Papier. As far as fantasy, she's nearly backed more RPGs than I've played! Surely we call her the sixth?


Lurker backed also...

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My count was of SQnet inhabitants as opposed to the full set of over 10k people who backed SV, which is why Juanita, Lurker, and Ritechezfire weren't in my count... far as I know they're not into forums. Of course I could be wrong, if any of them just use different nicks here. Not like I know anyone who does that *whistles innocently*


Anyways, there is a veteran set of Heroes of the Adventure Game Revolution backing Papier, but we are much fewer in number than we'd like to be. Hope there is a successful relaunch of Papier in the future, since it is just not going to make it this time around.

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It is possible for me to be present, but not guaranteed. However, the creator should be livestreaming it to YouTube, so unless you're locked in the vault, penguinfan, perhaps you may be able to permit it to drone into your ears via headphones. That will be my strategy if I can't leave work by 4PM PST.

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