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Does anyone have high quality (clean) box scans?

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It's all good- I think we agree, it's just a matter of personal preference.

I didn't know if you had kept the unsharpened versions, or if you were insterested in releasing the PSDs you worked with, but I'll play with them if you do.


Were there any other scans you still needed?

Thanks again,

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Hey Space Quest fans! I've been wanting a SQ3 poster forever, I'd like to thank everyone for making this effort to posterize the SQ box art. I just got a print back today, it's an 18x24 canvas print

We can put it on the GFA site. Do you have higher resolution versions you could e-mail me?

A few months ago (wow. Longer, when I really think about it), I had thought it would be fun to print up poster-size box art for SQ, the way I have Monkey Island setup in my office. The Scans that

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I'm somewhat against putting too much effects on the source material as it loses some of what little detail there is. That effect is nice, but it distorts the image somewhat. Yes, it's a tiny portion, but maybe there could be some alternate downloads if something like that is going to be used. Personally, I'd like to have the unadulterated versions to improve upon as I see fit to insure no details are lost before I get the files. Alternates can be available for those that don't want to go through the work, if bandwidth allows.

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Hey guys, I will look for a place to host the PSD's and the original files so you guys can revisit creating other restoration results and versions, as far as creating alternate downloads i'll leave that with you. My mission was to simply collect box scans in whatever state that may be and bring them to a cleaner state or a more polished look from what was scanned. I'm sorry if I didn't provide the highest of quality for some but none the less I just wanted to make these posters available since they are no where to be found online. Beyond that I have really enjoyed working on this project and it has been my pleasure to possibly have created ROUND 1 of Space Quest Box Scanned Poster Art.




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I could finish this one up actually, I am pretty close to finishing up the SQ1 VGA remake poster. I opened it up this morning to see where I was in the process and it looks like it really just needs to have the blue bar restored with the addition of some texture adjustments to the characters and then poster versioning. I’ll see if I can find some free time here to finish this one up. I thought this thread was pretty much cast into the wasteland but if there is a renewed interest in these posters I’ll see if I can push out SQ5 & 6 at some point.


@Tomimt- Thanks for the compliment 



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Count me in as having 'renewed interest' in this project. I've been trying to create custom icons for these games for some time, and since I want them to look great on a MacBook's Retina display I need hi-res source images. The ones that HCH has created here are the cleanest I've come across by far. If he could be persuaded to complete the set I'd be forever (well, for a while at least) in his debt (not legally binding, let's not go crazy here).


Beautiful work so far, and much appreciated.

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