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Mass Collaborative Tribute Video *COMPLETE!!*

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Gah!! Why do people do these dumb things??? It's like that FTP program Filezilla which has major security issues. After using it, three of the websites I manage were hacked by malware.


Drives me up the wall. I wonder if there's a good open source video editor...thanjs for the head's up in any case! I still have the other option.

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Oh, come on, the Quake 4 gag was brilliant! "I knew it had a Q in it somewhere!" I was laughing my ass off. "That's ... not how I remember it."   And Fred's Cedric doll will haunt me 'til the da

Finally uploaded here for your viewing pleasure! Thanks to everyone who contributed, it all really made a difference. This video turned out to be something special indeed. SQ fans rock!   http://you

I want to thank everybody again who contributed to my little idea. It isn't even my idea anymore, I feel like I played such a small part in this. I said in one of the comments already on Facebook that

Yeah, I have VirtualDub but, but it seemed like just a simple capture program and dint have any editing features that I could see. If it does it has even less than Live Movie Maker. I've got the older movie maker, though, so that should suffice.


You can cut and paste clips and tinker with the settings a bit. It doesn't have video transitions that I recall though, so Movie Maker would probably be indicated.

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I spent most of yesterday editing the videos I have so far together (four so far) and it's really coming out nicely. So far with, all the footage of each video included, the running time is just about 11 minutes. Are we opposed to going above and beyond that point? This could easily end up being 20-30+ minutes. But it would be 20 minutes of the best and thickest sarcasm, dry humour, and wit you have ever seen! If we are, I'll have to start.....*sniff*.....trimming content. *sob* It's all so good!


What do you guys think?

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Well put, Frede.


Also, I was toying around with throwing up captions of each contributor's names with what they do/have done in the adventure/Space Quest community, just at the beginning of each contributor's video segments. Not every segment, but the first time you see them. Is everybody ok with this? If so please PM me or reply with the name you'd like me to use and whatever you'd like me to put for whatever it is that you do. If you don't do anything I can just put "rabid fan" or "nobody" under your name. That would be pretty funny.

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