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What's up with SpaceVenture?

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54 minutes ago, MusicallyInspired said:

We are literally testing the beta right now. We as in the backers. My money ain't wasted.

Well it seems your an oddity most backers i have come in contact with are very disappointed with the beta and have lost all hope it will be playable even if it ever gets released.

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I'm sorry for being argumentative. Beyond the issues mentioned regarding communication to backers, I'm really not that concerned about (and am actually sorta impressed) about what has been shown of th

I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms. Why is drdrslashvohaul (if that is his real name - probably someone on the dev team) ridiculing a backer's genuine concerns? I am sick of people dis

Sheryl. We all know Mark Crowe's wife is Sheryl. Much like decafjedi's is Alainis.

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