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SQ1 VGA: Stop the Hate

Definitive SQ1 poll  

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  1. 1. Do you prefer the fantastic VGA version of SQ1, or the other one?

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    • EGA

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Hmm. There seems to be a bit of vitrol bubbling up in this thread. I was afraid of this; I still remember some of the same things being thrown around back in the old days. SRS BZNS and all. ;)   For

Yeah, there's this flippant idea that outsourcing causes a loss of artistic legitimacy. Maybe it's hard to suss out in explicit terms from individual people, but it's obviously there.   I suppose I

Which is fine, and your prerogative. Nobody is saying you have to dislike it because it isn't a Two Guys game. We're just saying it's one of a handful of reasons why we might prefer the EGA version.

You know, I do have memories though, crystal clear, of observing my father playing space quest 2. Specifically, I remember him walking into the screen on Labion where the giant carnivorous mushrooms resided, and getting eaten by one of them. I was amused by that. I also observed him choking from the spore dust. I remember calling him "funny guy" because of those observations. I would go up to my father and plead "funny guy!, play funny guy!" because I wanted to watch him play it. I must've been two, three years old at the most during the time.

Years later when I dug up the sq3 diskettes (as I mentioned, he'd misplaced/lost the ones for games one and two), at age 8, and had played through to the planet pestulon (where the aluminum mallard first lands, and there are swirling cyan plants all around) I was very confused as to why suddenly there was only one screen on that green planet, and walking any direction led to the sequence where Roger observes the pirates coming out of the bunker. I'd mistaken Pestulon for Labion as I'd remembered it 6 years prior, when I was two years old, and was expecting to see those giant mushrooms again.


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