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Almost certainly. The chances of a new Space Quest are slim to nil, I would wager. Unless the revived Sierra brand picks up traction and the company can do a deal with Activision to cash in on the revival/nostalgia kick.


But even then, part of me thinks that it would be pretty pointless picking up a franchise that has been in stasis for 20 years UNLESS they hire the Two Guys to do it. Otherwise, I think any company is much better off doing something new.


Let's face it, I think there's very little from the Space Quest universe that really needs to be in a new game. The idea of Roger being an average schmo is laughable after saving the universe on multiple occasions. The events and characters were fun, but not really that inter-related. And it's not like the Trek or Star Wars universes where there is a deep, inter-woven history to be explored.


So, what I'd like to see, if this was going to be done, is a sci-fi comedy adventure, with a view to building a rich universe where sequels make sense and are internally consistent with the world which is created. Wonder if something like that will be released in 2015-2016? :P

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