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Please vote to have the Cluck Yegger game greenlit on Steam

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Hey everyone! We just got Cluck Yegger in Escape From The Planet of the Poultroid published up on Steam Greenlight. We would absolutely love it if you guys would vote yes to have the game greenlit. Any help spreading the word would be amazing as well.


Visit: http://cluckyegger.com





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Can't wait to play this, the trailer looks great. 


Also while I've not really done much since helping fund this kickstarter, I decided to put a post on Twitter and also shared it with the Space Quest Facebook group.  I'm pleased to say that there has been two upvoters since I posted!  If everyone can get on board with this and share to all the sierra/spacequest related groups forums they can think of I'm sure we can get this project onto Steam!



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