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Sir Procestuous

An observation...

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As I was watching Troels' really kickass playthrough of Space Quest 6...something hit me...it's probably been brought up before (possibly by my past counterpart) That, while SQ6 went out of it's way to retcon SQ5, Josh & Scott still kept the whole StarCon motif, so, as much as that game was resented, it was still at least somewhat respected...

Also, while not official, IMHO, Incinerations handles the 'Bea  Vs. Stellar' issue perfectly! if we never get another official Space Quest game, I'd personally consider the combined stories of Vohaul Strikes Back and Incinerations to be worthy closing chapters to Roger's saga...and who knows...maybe in the ending where he gets the Mallard back...Roger decides to take a weekend retreat on Estros :D

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