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I've been playing games since the 80s, first on my Atari ST and then moving to my 80286 with 1MB of RAM.  Wolfenstein 3D blew me away, Doom made me fear for my soul, Wing Commander captured my heart, and I lived for all things Sierra and Dynamix.  My absolute favorites were the Space Quest series.  My wife and I started playing through them again (we just finished SQ2 on stream tonight and can't wait to start 3 tomorrow!)

Anyway, I saw the kickstarter from a few years back but haven't heard anything recently.  Is there any hope of Space Quest returning, or anywhere I can go for up-to-date information (apart from scouring these forums which I intend to do starting tomorrow)?  I didn't see a FAQ...

Thanks in advance!

If you're interested in our stream, I'll leave it below.

https://www.twitch.tv/eethandeviegames (please delete this if it's against any forum rules that I couldn't find)

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There was a recent Kickstarter update on SpaceVenture and should be another one in September. Getting closer every day.

As far as an actual "Space Quest" coming out, I'm personally doubtful we'll ever see anything official. Never know though, could depend on how SpaceVenture is received.

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