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Room 1220J, kidnapped !

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Yes, I like this too.


You know, I anticipate some may be quick to criticize how similar it looks to the original; but I'm detecting several qualities in it that indicate it required a good bit of work and attention to detail. Furthermore, if you ask me, I'd be happy to replay through a visually-upgraded remake in the style of this--specifically because it is so similar to the original in appearance. Why? Because a), I believe after years of playing through the same game over and over, certain things in the backgrounds begin to go unnoticed on a conscious level (your mind blocks a lot of it out, because it's seen the same exact image so many times, and becomes somewhat desensitized to it; and b) I'm somewhat of a purist, and would be able to appreciate something so strikingly similar that I feel like I'm actually more-or-less playing the same classic game (that is, if only for the fact that the screens are done from a different perspective--everything else adding up with very little additional alteration--it forces my brain to interpret the image in a new way, and it makes me feel like I'm playing through the original game again for the first time.

Put another way ('cause I know I have trouble being terse once I get going): if you ask me, if you're going to remake a classic, there're two correct ways to do it. Either make it extremely loyal (similar) to the original, almost as if you're just polishing the original; else make it significantly varied from the original in every sense of style (art, sound, etc; while keeping to the same story).


However, I must urge you, sir, if I may offer this slight bit of criticism: if you do intend to remake the whole thing in this style... be sure to go all out with the widescreen feel! Take full advantage of the fact that most modern screens prefer this proportion to begin with--and looking at the original screen, you can surely see it lends itself naturally to that proportion as well (then you can carry over that basketball net and the control room's door from the original screen, which are both clipped here)... and I find widescreen to feel so much more breathable and conducive to exploration in general.


I like it very much. Very nice work!

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