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  1. RT @woloski: Salesforce Functions by Auth0 Extend https://t.co/w4ssV6xrI3 #serverless https://t.co/Jg5e7E9NuZ

  2. @im_ferris @sehurlburt can you follow me so I can send it?

  3. @IrisClasson @julielerman @Tapas24BCN @sethjuarez We had an amazing dinner at @Tapas24BCN. But if you want to reall… https://t.co/D3rFvxYb1J

  4. @nzthiago Congrats!

  5. RT @tjanczuk: Great podcast by @martin_casado on Going to Market When No Market Exists https://t.co/QmEcNy3TwZ

  6. @James_Mayes @crtr0 @MindtheProduct 👍

  7. @noopkat @Twitch Really good, thanks for sharing!

  8. RT @Channel4News: “I honestly feel that if this was a white person attacked by an Asian…it’d be all over the news.” Acid attack victim tell…

  9. RT @ServerlessLive: Enjoy the #ServerlessPodcast in iTunes! We are now live in the iTunes Store! https://t.co/YH09Atkjo5

  10. What is your experience with webtask.io? https://t.co/l65uIoWkqE

  11. RT @AzureFunctions: Great product ideas came out of our hackathon week! Some of these might turn into official products. Our engineering te…

  12. @debug_mode @gerardsans @laco0416 Awesome, enjoy!

  13. Great blog post from @apollographql on how they built Launchpad 🚀 with @auth0_extend 🔌https://t.co/QsH51TgTeB

  14. RT @lsarsour: Racists are more emboldened then ever. Two men in Portland are DEAD after trying to stop an anti-Muslim/anti-immigrant bullyi…

  15. @ziki_cz @dotnetfringe Congrats! Looking forward to seeing it!