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  1. @simplybastow @ericries @AlexOsterwalder @jboogie @brantcooper @tendayiviki Good luck!

  2. If you missed @sehurlburt’s great @producttank Bellevue talk on building her business Binomial, and moving from eng… https://t.co/ltdQAl2Qw3

  3. There’s still room to sign up to see @sehurlburt’s talk tomorrow on building a startup. Sign up while you still can! https://t.co/sSY5hNFuzq

  4. @terrajobst In principle I agree.

  5. Glenn:0 Flu:1 😷

  6. RT @terrajobst: @ChristosMatskas @gblock @dotnet For the nightlies, try this specific version. https://t.co/vQbRpbqXqD

  7. Hey @bitcrazed is there any way to get gui-based apps like @code to run in WSL?

  8. YES!!! 🍔🍔🍔 @ In-N-Out Burger https://t.co/5iPHDGiIDT

  9. WOW, that was a fantastic game. Great job Eagles 🦅!

  10. Finally got a chance to try out the Linux Subsystem for Windows. I am impressed. Here I am running my… https://t.co/qxoURqUBAW

  11. @RandyNasson Responsive means being very strategic in your reaction / not reacting off the cuff (how you respond).… https://t.co/Nl1gwoQt8C

  12. RT @tjanczuk: Hiring experienced software engineers for @auth0_extend! Startup environment without startup risk. Remote work. Great cultur…

  13. Seattle / Bellevue folks, don’t forget to sign up for our next @producttank and learn from @lindydonna about moving… https://t.co/8rJL1SwmAX

  14. Sushi of champions @ Tengu Sushi https://t.co/6mxZz8R6kp

  15. @ProdPad @007 👍