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  1. Who remembers seeing Nosferatu in theatres on its original release date? I can say not me. https://t.co/5L8HNxb7uB

  2. @grumpygamer But no one can be bigger than the United States?

  3. Batman: Return of the Caped Crusader is a fun retreat to a campier side of Batman. https://t.co/3zl1uV69JN https://t.co/J9lm3kyqlH

  4. The New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia was on my mind today. https://t.co/lY6GHzFQS4

  5. Armageddon Meteor is not. At least not in the sense that Sean Connery would drill a rock in space https://t.co/ZUMefuCFZv

  6. Ys I & II. Not super great, but adequate time wasters, if nothing else. https://t.co/m3gbnO4wfH #jrpg #fantasy

  7. In theory, I should have liked the Night of the Rabbit. I didn't. https://t.co/E5GePOivML #adventure #fantasy

  8. Tried Randal's Monday. Didn't like it. https://t.co/qElfkUBDZV #adventure #comedy

  9. RT @samitai: #oldtimes #chania #foundsomething https://t.co/uVxrbicAXh

  10. #Machete is a fun exploitation flick that isn't even cynical. And that's surprising https://t.co/qYZBvDEPSi #action #exploitation

  11. Comedy blast from 1996: Normality https://t.co/uG5RFYfgr3 #adventure #dystopia #scifi #comedy https://t.co/r7upmHS8oB

  12. The Last Stand is a pretty fun action flick. And at times that's all you need. https://t.co/hKnU7nbNKu #Schwarzenegger #action

  13. #Castlevania is a well-made animated series. It's rare to see a game adaptation that works. https://t.co/pYXSrTDPxD #CastlevaniaNetflix

  14. The last three #fantasy stories of #REHoward I hadn't read yet. https://t.co/2Npqynej4y Not his strongest work, but entertaining enough.

  15. King's Quest V is a classic with a terrible design https://t.co/sDs2QUsKxg #sierra #kingsquest #adventure https://t.co/t8w8qH5jJu