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  1. @mashpotassium so dramatic!

  2. https://t.co/wC23olH6t1

  3. RT @theleast: I call this one "Baby Ironbark" because its parents like to chew on a nearby ironbark tree. 1 of 4 distinct baby Galahs I've…

  4. RT @Otter_News: Snowplough Otter - Look at him go! https://t.co/OIaNZGKjcO

  5. @buzz_clik @MaxMouse__ "WHO'S THE OLD MAID NOW"

  6. @ben_304 That's the luxury for those of us who can afford heating. Climate control is expensive, especially if your… https://t.co/4voh1sHQnu

  7. I like making stupid HTML things https://t.co/LEMfCre8lr (thanks for the image @lazygamereviews)

  8. RT @LambdaCalculus: New episode of Nerd Against the Machine with @SQHistorian and I joined by @demodulated and @maximum_bird! https://t.co/…

  9. Tonight's ramen was scientifically selected by a team of lab monkeys https://t.co/5h65pGX7CL

  10. @tomerg Yeah, we're doing the hiatus thing too, at least for now.

  11. RT @annascottpiano: Well, here's rural Nova Scotia in two pictures, taken a day apart. Photos by Andrew Killawee https://t.co/BkjBB6qyZf

  12. @SQHistorian I was just about to tweet your SQ series playlist but noticed some deleted videos in there. https://t.co/elVoCaegty

  13. @ben_304 👍👍👍

  14. @LambdaCalculus @ScummVM that's a sexy keyboard

  15. are whistles that clean?