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  1. Our guild beat the first 4 of 7 bosses in the new WoW raid! So much fun to play with such an easygoing and talented group.

  2. I played the new level 4 of 140 for the 5th time in 2 days. You will too.

  3. This band was amazing for many reasons, but especially because they purposely wrote gibberish titles and lyrics

  4. RT @DotEmu: This is what graphic designers from Taito, SNK and more used in the past to draw pixel art. Yes, it's crazy.…

  5. RT @ibogost: You dip the candy plungers into flavored powder in the toilet bowl and then lick them clean.

  6. RT @kittiesbot:

  7. Anyone know of a decent web-based alternative to Tweetdeck for reading tweets on a desktop PC?

  8. @LambdaCalculus I'd love to visit


  10. RT @MaizeWallin: Feeling this.

  11. RT @Rumwik: It has arrived!

  12. Winter is so beautiful


  14. RT @cervines: Do Not Scold Me; I will Grow Only in Power and Decibels

  15. @ben_304 @thimbleweedpark I like how the transparent UI solves SCUMM's claustrophobia