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  1. http://tdosci.weebly.com -- I thought you guys might be interested in my website, it's been my pet project for a while. It's goal is bringing Sierra Classics (such as the Laura Bow, Aces and Hoyle games) to GOG.com for affordable prices using their 'Community Wishlist' feature and the help of the Sierra Community, instead of them being only on eBay for sometimes two to three figure amounts. This is done by having box art of titles not yet on GOG (supplied by Sierra Chest) with a click-through link to it's GOG Wishlist page. The problem I could have with a project like this, though, is bringing a steady stream of traffic to the website. It's a one-time use sort of thing for a user, primarily because the site isn't prone to new content or regular updates. I see the usage being: 1) You go to the site. 2) You vote for the games via GOG Wishlist. 3) Optionally, social sharing... Then that's it, basically, you never return. To cover this, I'm looking to partner with other Sierra Sites. As in, have banners on each other's links page or something else feasible and free for both parties.