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  1. the crescendos of this album are like being in a washing machine full of raspberry koolaid wearing a licorice snorkel and webbed duck fins

  2. RT @SQHistorian: Back to listening to @squarewavesfm. What really sells Laverne in DOTT is also her voice! Absolutely perfect casting.

  3. RT @elle91: Should I call tech support or pray or what http://t.co/8l3UxvnWud

  4. RT @St1ka: Matt Damon is the princess Peach of the movie industry https://t.co/iubR6k3NLm

  5. RT @viTekiM: I just had an idea. #SonicSunday to follow #screenshotsaturday. Give the music and sound folks a day. RT if you're down! (I'm …

  6. RT @Tetho_mig: La conclusion du making-of de Little Witch Academia 2 jette un sacré froid... http://t.co/olpwNQKFba

  7. Mr. Bergstrom belongs at #1 on that list! Probably my favourite episode. https://t.co/RbifAoViYO

  8. After my two big presentations yesterday I am so thoroughly at peace. I'm in a great mood today and I wish the same for you all!

  9. my golf volunteer feedback :) "You were a huge help and it was great to see you smiling throughout the day! – yes, I do notice these things"

  10. Thank you very much @TenNapel @Armikrog for getting me my Armikrog code! Downloading!

  11. RT @JohnTory: Councillors who believe banning technology is possible should explain how much public money they would like to spend on enfor…

  12. RT @user24: Javascript: Is there a way to see what an attribute's value was before it was changed? e.g. if HTML specified 'checked' but use…

  13. Volunteering at a golf fundraiser this morning. It's so gorgeous out here. Perfect day. http://t.co/DThXy1Dc0q

  14. RT @OriginalGidman: Dusk Dubs Sessions .... Live radio show Wednseday 2000-2200 (UK Time)on http://t.co/1ndYQnBbPIhttps://t.co/JgNeeBRGB…

  15. RT @willoneill: “HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT IN 4 EASY STEPS” by Aaron Bleyaert https://t.co/WaQ1a8Ji9V