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  1. After my two big presentations yesterday I am so thoroughly at peace. I'm in a great mood today and I wish the same for you all!

  2. Android OS 6.0 Marshmallow due to come out for the Nexus 5 and 6 on Monday, October 5th! Hyyyyype!

  3. conversation with old man when I worked the polls"Are you voting Conservative?""I'm not allowed to talk about that, sir.""YOU BETTER BE."

  4. Gonna try a non-stylized stock homescreen for a change. It's really ugly. http://t.co/s4toKtV764

  5. I forgot to wish this for myself. What a hectic freaking day. https://t.co/GYaLjd9U7l

  6. I just backed A new Rainbow Kitten album made only from your samples on @Kickstarter http://t.co/dDRndCH3ii

  7. I just can't get enough of Doom 3. I love the visual references to the original games. http://t.co/9sinmIGJTC

  8. if it had apps I'd definitely consider this, but alas https://t.co/oeyS100Sjz

  9. It booted!!!!!!! *breathes into paper bag*

  10. It's never too late to send me your computer names! https://t.co/yvlHbLAl9Y

  11. Mr. Bergstrom belongs at #1 on that list! Probably my favourite episode. https://t.co/RbifAoViYO

  12. my golf volunteer feedback :) "You were a huge help and it was great to see you smiling throughout the day! – yes, I do notice these things"

  13. RT @AgustinCordes: As a completely areligious, mostly agnostic kind of person, I have to admit that Pope Francis kicks ass.

  14. RT @BigHairyMarty: There will never be a day when this song is not awesome. :) https://t.co/9nETW04Aoq

  15. RT @billybob476: @demodulated BTW there's a code on the home page for 20% off so you can actually get it for 16 bucks.

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