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  1. Thank you very much @TenNapel @Armikrog for getting me my Armikrog code! Downloading!

  2. the crescendos of this album are like being in a washing machine full of raspberry koolaid wearing a licorice snorkel and webbed duck fins

  3. The traditional podcaster's breakfast http://t.co/54qZzhvgm6

  4. This bloody catchy song has been in my head for 3 weeks and I need help. I can now play it on the harmonica too. https://t.co/mWOUsBH8jT

  5. Volunteering at a golf fundraiser this morning. It's so gorgeous out here. Perfect day. http://t.co/DThXy1Dc0q

  6. Why yes, my wallpaper is a mango lassi. You?

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