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  1. msylva

    Why is SQ6 (generally) disliked?

    Sorry about necro-ing this thread, but I found it an interesting read. A major thing I disliked about SQ6 is that, underneath the humor, it felt a bit like an angry breakup letter. In the first minute, it had the infamous Goliath-Was-Destroyed-instead-of-Eureka continuity- error, and it felt like it was sweeping as much of SQ5 under the rug as possible. In Roger's quarters, there were no items from SQ5, and the narrator was even mentioning that the items were from SQ1 to 4. I'm among those who loved Space Quest 5 (my favourite along with SQ3 and SQ4), so I was disappointed. I also didn't find the new characters or antagonists compelling (although Incinerations gave me a new appreciation of Stellar), and last but not least... I found many of the puzzles to not be fun. The datacorder puzzle was a chore, the shore leave on Polysorbate felt aimless (unfortunate, as the area was cool), dealing with the terminator in the bar was frustrating, and even the part in the Deep Ship had less than interesting puzzles.
  2. msylva

    SQ6 demo

    I played the demo a few days ago. Honestly, I think I found it more enjoyable than the SQ6 main game. Fun villain, fun little puzzles, and my favourite part of the SQ6 set pieces.
  3. msylva

    SQ6 demo

    Awesome, I'm convinced. I kept getting an error message from windows 10 saying that it couldn't run it after I got it from the broomcloset... but turns out that scummvm resolved the issue magically.
  4. msylva

    SQ6 demo

    I'm curious, is the SQ6 demo worthwhile? Even as a space quest megafan since... errr... about 1990, I've never played it (partially because SQ6 my least favourite SQ, partially because I didn't realize it was actually available).
  5. Interesting points of view for Beatrice. Did Scott or Mark ever mention that they played VSB or incinerations in the last years?
  6. Isaac was also the narrator, wasn't he? I thought he was great there. 2012 sure was a great year to be a Space Quest fan (although I ended up playing all 3 fan games in 2018).
  7. Good point. Playing as Roger (especially at the end-point of the series), it's pretty easy to just accept his actions when they come with a Eureka moment. His shredding of that poor dog's cellphone was pretty harsh too I just finished replaying the entire series, which has left me even more impressed at the 2 fan games. The voice acting in VSB was actually pretty decent. I played the remake of SQ2 and was put off by Roger's voice in that one, to be frank (he sounded too much like Larry Laffer).
  8. I just finished Incinerations today. Another really great game, congrats to the makers! I have to admit I was a bit lukewarm about it at first, with ***spoilers**** Beatrice acting like a psycho-jerkbag and the lack of continuity from VSB's renegade ending (as I was initially expecting), but it sure goes in full-blown epic mode when you get to the Forager, and then cranks it up to 11 at the end. I think I might have a slight preference for VSB as a Space Quest sequel, but both games were top-class, and the best adventure games i`ve played recently (and that includes Thimbleweed Park). Next stop, SQ2-remake!
  9. Interesting, thanks for the clarification! Most of what I've seen of Incinerations (I'm currently on Havok's spaceship) would fit with the renegade ending of VSB, minus a few things here and there. Are there still plans for a special edition, as I remember reading about? I'm having a lot of fun playing Incinerations too, the darker yet funny mood is a nice change of pace. It felt like a very nice hybrid of the Sierra and LucasArts styles, with Sierra's cool settings and death scenes, and LucasArts's dialogue and comedy. I might be a bit biased as the humor style was very much along the lines of what I typically like.
  10. Gotcha. I assumed that Incinerations was consciously written to be a direct sequel to the Renegade ending of VSB, but I guess it's a bit more complex than that VSB felt to me like a Sierra-Lucasarts hybrid (and I mean that in the best possible way).
  11. I just finally got around to playing Vohaul Strikes Back, and wanted to say how great the game was! It had been a while since I played such a great adventure game. It was funny, the puzzles were fun, and the people who made it were obviously huge fans of the source material. For me, VSB was a solid 9.5 brooms out of ten, and should proudly stand in the Space Quest Canon. I started Space Quest Incinerations yesterday. It's definitely very interesting already. I'm a bit confused as to what happened to Beatrice's pregnancy from the beginning of VSB. Is that ever addressed?