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  1. RT @PDLComics: return to nature https://t.co/O9gWlYTGUx

  2. RT @CounterpartyXCP: @Poloniex If you are having any issues with #XCP the devs would appreciate hearing the details. At this point we are n…

  3. RT @DepressedDarth: E.T. is a Jedi https://t.co/N9bhMi7tqg

  4. Me gustó un video de @YouTube https://t.co/gIhBSPSlwS Super Mario World -- Credits Warp in 5:59.6 (First Time Ever on Console)

  5. RT @WeissRatings: Some in industry say #BitcoinCash is superior to #Bitcoin b/c it has bigger blocks. We don't view this as a fundamental…

  6. RT @CryptoChainer: Please support XChain and Counterparty for all the awesome work they do. The Freewallet desktop app is amazing, and you…

  7. RT @theog__: “Blockchain and Art — FOMO or Fu*k that shit?” — @theog__ https://t.co/wCJ8WZHF05 https://t.co/HHeiWZHuSu

  8. RT @bascule: Happy birthday to Ralph Merkle, who published the first paper on public-key cryptography, helped discover the Diffie-Hellman a…


  10. RT @MandelDuck: mainnet @CounterpartyXCP tx that spends segwit inputs and RBF set (not that its needed though) works although XCP uses the…

  11. @ElRancel @JuanSGalt I'm just giving them some pointers.... not like i'm "working" with them 😝

  12. Me gustó un video de @YouTube https://t.co/iCrpYC89dq The Power Glove - Gaming Historian

  13. RT @joelcomm: Just remember... #Sharknado https://t.co/FVSzyUeosc

  14. @2ez28u @Hanakookie1 @BigLambda @nirvanadev @VitalikButerin @csuwildcat https://t.co/BzJ3Av1wAz

  15. RT @JimBTC: bitcoins first day https://t.co/5N5ZbZ7qmn