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  1. @JuicyGrabs @mikeinspace @DanDarkPill @ToneVays Male balding pattern is what's affecting all of us lately... Seems… https://t.co/zg27bB4HKN

  2. Creating a deck builder is hard so many UX/UI decisions to make! https://t.co/uWTklv2WQB #screenshotsaturday… https://t.co/JJUuslILQT

  3. Me gustó un video de @YouTube https://t.co/yuaQjFJl2q Philosophy behind pump and dumps | Cryptocurrency satire

  4. RT @RarestCompany: https://t.co/EReUJbMIVt coming soon...

  5. RT @OliBTC: RT BashCo_: Making plans w/ friends: - How about tomorrow? No can do. Bitcoin's forking. - Um, okay. Next Tuesday? The 8th? Tha…

  6. RT @ScrillaVentura: Newest AOTB tackles tokens, Bitcoin, rarepepes and Counterparty ::: https://t.co/5aJwpJGZ4E @lilbitcoin

  7. @antonkudin I didn't have any issue on the PC version.... It just takes time to get used that the game doesn't pause on menus

  8. RT @AlbertoRT51: LO ÚLTIMO | VIDEO - Delcy Rodríguez asegura que los venezolanos podrán morirse de hambre, pero el Gobierno de Maduro segui…

  9. RT @ChiguireBipolar: Joven teme que resultados del Plebiscito salgan en horario de Game of Thrones --> https://t.co/JQZSYt2amN https://t.co…

  10. RT @Pepe_Museum: MEMEFIGHTERS: Newest Rare Pepe. Choose your side! @myrarepepe @TrendStream @BookofOrbs https://t.co/SvPtiXjo4k

  11. RT @diemadledezma: @ElyangelicaNews Los encerraron!!! Aquí el video https://t.co/8kqoGxAVvV

  12. RT @polita26: #26jun Conductor de un Corolla gris atropella a manifestantes en la redoma del Sport Center, Los Naranjos, El Hatillo

  13. RT @Dark_Gnosis: Added lava shader, looks pretty cool animated. #screenshotsaturday #indiedev #gamedev #roguelike #shader https://t.co/ytVn…

  14. RT @mikeinspace: This made my day! Thanks @johnvillarz #PIMENTOLOAF https://t.co/L3vuiVyWRw

  15. @nvk @piramida @pa49 C'mon... You know you want one... https://t.co/LIaaqjN0Jk