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  1. SpaceVenture will feature an in game App store(parody) that Ace can go to in order to get a couple of different apps that will help him solve certain puzzle elements in the game. We are holding a small contest that everyone can submit ideas/artwork for, and possibly get your contributions added to the game and your name in the credits! Here is a look at our app store as it is right now: You all probably have smartphones or tablets, so you can probably think about some of the things that have made you laugh(or cry) in dealing with those app stores over the years. We would love to use(steal) your ideas! To enter the contest, you'll need the following: A funny app name A humorous description for your app A square logo(512x512 minimum) (Optional) A couple of fake reviews of the app What do you win if your idea gets selected? Your idea/artwork gets used in the game Your name in the credits of the game The envy of everyone in the Andromedan galaxy Where do you submit this? Reply with your submissions to this thread. We also ask you to post about it on twitter and/or Facebook. Tag us in the post, and we'll Like/Favorite it! We don't have a set contest deadline just yet, but don't wait too long!
  2. Hey everyone, I wanted to put a feeler out there. We've been talking about who we wanted as our narrator for SpaceVenture since the unfortunate fact that the legendary Gary Owen's has passed away. The question I have for you guys is this. How do you feel about us finding a Gary Owens voice match? In other words, this would be an actor that can match Gary Owens as closely as possible. I know no one can truly replace the man with the golden pipes, but there are people out there that can match him pretty closely. So what are your thoughts? Would you guys like a voice match for SpaceVenture, or someone else with another unique voice? We've got some people in mind that could do that as well. Anyway, please let me know your thoughts :) Thanks everyone!
  3. Exciting news. We just went live with Cluck Yegger In Escape From the Planet of the Poultroid on Steam! Early bird special, only $2.99. Please help spread the word. http://store.steampowered.com/app/416800. Also, the next update will contain info about Steam backer keys for $15 and up backers. Please be patient, we're working on it. :)
  4. Hey Bakhtosh, We unfortunately have not gotten as detailed of feedback as you have given, so it's hard to say if other have experienced your same frustrations. I will tell you that most of the feedback we have received has been positive. As you probably know, the game is about trial and error to some extent. Even though it's a mini game, we didn't want to make it super easy. This game is a parody of the wildly successful Five nights at freddy franchise. Oddly enough, that game has no instructions and very little VO help to tell you what to do. It managed to sell thousands of copies though and has an insanely loyal following. I 100% agree that things need to be a little more clear, which is why our next update will include more VO from cluck to hint at some more things. Perhaps more instructions as well. It's a little bit of a balancing act though. We do want the game to be beatable, but not too easy. Thanks again for all your feedback :)
  5. In response to: Things I still don’t understand: What’s the point of turning on the lights? The foes are moving from room to room without me doing something. If I turn on the lights foes are running into a neighboring room. What’s the advantage if he can still move into my direction? When the chickens are flashed, they retreat to a location that is further away from cluck. Each chicken has a certain path that it takes to get to the cockpit, although I will tell you that after night 5, they start skipping rooms to get to you. You can still keep flashing them to make them go back. An intuitive strategy would be to try to detect the foes using the camera in different modes and to scare them so that they reach the cockpit later than if you don’t do that. But since it happens that you scare the foes also into your direction that doesn’t work well for me. You have two possible directions to check and if you use much light or night vision you lose too much battery power checking all the rooms to reach the end of the night. Additionally you are interrupted too often later on by the cockpit window attacks and by random short circuits. So I believe my last response answers this. Flashing them makes them go further away. They will never get closer to you if they are flashed. By the way, thanks for this feedback. It's helpful to hear the kinds of things you've brought up:)
  6. Hey everyone, the camera static issues that were appearing in the Linux build of the game should be fixed. Try downloading a new copy and give that a shot :)
  7. The linux build just got an update last night but we were waiting to announce this mrning ;)
  8. Hey guys, we realized just now that the Turn Off VO button is currently broken. This is due to a last minute change we made. We'll have an update out as soon as possible that will fix this. UPDATE: This is currently fixed in the Linux build.
  9. Hey everyone! We just got Cluck Yegger in Escape From The Planet of the Poultroid published up on Steam Greenlight. We would absolutely love it if you guys would vote yes to have the game greenlit. Any help spreading the word would be amazing as well. Visit: http://cluckyegger.com Thanks!
  10. May 6th SpaceVenture Update: Cluck Yegger, Andromedcon, Taco Nova, Veronica7, Scrapyard landing https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spaceventure/two-guys-spaceventure-by-the-creators-of-space-que/posts/1223285
  11. There is a SpaceVenture update planned for early May just as a heads up :)
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