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  1. I only read the prelude, but I really like what I read so far :) I think you have a nice writing style, and I enjoy how you flesh our Junior more, and give a bit of another perspective on the events of SQ4. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the story.
  2. Roger was certainly famous after the events of SQ1, and he saved the day again in SQ2, but went into hypersleep before he could enjoy any recognition for it. He may have spent a long time in hypersleep between SQ2 and 3, so over time, people just forgot about it, or after he re-emerged, most didn't make the connection, so didn't realize he was a hero. However, he did clearly save the galaxy again in SQ5, but few seemed to care in the next game, and he even got demoted :).
  3. Ask him how it feels to be so close to the development process, as a Space Quest fan, but also how that knowledge might effect his experience playing the game. Also, what's his favorite color?
  4. Great work guys :) I loved the clever puzzles and the humor. I also am impressed by some of the animations, especially in the intro :).
  5. I follow all of the news :) I try to post and stuff, but life's been busy lately! I can always be found hanging out in the chatroom though ;).
  6. It was fun watching you guys :) That was without a doubt, one of the finest examples of monolith burger assembling, that I have ever seen.
  7. I love this :) The kickstarter is already over halfway with a long time left to go yet! I am a bit bummed that Pendulo's 'Day One' isn't doing very well, but it still has two weeks left, which is plenty of time for things to pick up :) http://www.lab.gamesplanet.com/dayone/
  8. I don't mind seeing some character evolution in Roger. I think that they could easily make him both a captain, and still keep all of those character traits that are associated with him, but just manifest it in new ways :). I would like to think that in SQ7, Roger would have left Starcon, since it treated him so badly, and maybe he would be trying to start up a garbage scow business in the private sector ;) You know, they expect results.
  9. That's cool, since I live right by there. Hopefully i'll be able to go.
  10. Nice work :) Bravo! I really hope SpaceVenture reaches the $700k mark :)
  11. That's awesome :) Space Quest 1 and the other old Sierra games thought me how to spell and type! I hope that if I have children of my own someday, I can introduce them to Space Quest.
  12. I'm excited for it too :) I just finished a playthrough of Space Quest 1 EGA, and I am currently playing Runaway 3. I know, Runaway 3 isn't sierra or old school, but I'm in the mood for adventure gaming :)
  13. More Cluck sounds great, but If anything were to change, I'd put the female character at a lower tier, since we already have two Cluck consecutive Cluck tiers :)
  14. Hah, nice :) I hope you got a good grade on this assignment!
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