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  1. Dual boot Win 3.1! Haha, that would be really cool. Would it even run on a 64-bit microprocessor?
  2. Wow, that's reallly awesome. ScummVM really would be the way to run SQ on a phone, I think, because then the program would be native to the OS and hardware, and mearly loading the game data files. This would probably give a smoother and more responsive experience. Is there ScummVM or an AGI or SCI interpreter for Pocket PC? Typing this on a 2003 Pocket PC right now, stylus and all! :)
  3. NICE!!! On eBay, it's probably still there, there's a Vesa local bus 486 motherboard with the 2MB screen card and lots of mem (like 64MB I think, wow, that's a lot for a 486) for only $100. (it's not mine, so no, not a shameless self promotion :) ) The only real way to play classic games in my opinion is on the real hardware (whatever that means haha). I just installed SQ4 on a 400MHz machine with Win98SE, but thanks to the AMAZING support for these games found in the "Archive" section of this site, SQ.net, I was able to update the program with patches, and on that computer, which is way too fast to normally play SQ4, but way too slow to play it in DOSBox, it can now be played, with all the music and digital sound effects including narration, timing issues resolved (no instant robot death!) and full screen, all smoothly with no lost frames (as would be the case under DOSBox). I find that even on my faster, newer computers, games under DOSBox will lose frames, or even have a low framerate, while playing them on a "proper" machine imbues the game with the same fluid smoothness that they originally had. I tend to think that we, as people in general, forget how good gaming actually was (or has always been), as we view classic games through the modern lens of slow framerates under emulation and blurry images on non-multisyncing LCD screens. (remedied by using a CRT! :) ) Sorry for the ramblings and super long run-on sentences. :)
  4. I recently started playing SQ4 again too, and the zombie really scared me hahaha AAAAAAUUUUUUGGGHHHH
  5. WOWWWWW! Really?!?!?! I've been out of the loop for too long. Gotta head over to the KS site right now! And svrewards...what was I thinking falling off the face of the earth? For me, these types of location are also what fill me with wonder and excitement when playing SQ. A realistic feeling, that I can then extend into my own life, via wierd fantasies, for example, that the fast-food restaurant I'm at is Monolith Burger orbiting some forest moon, or whatever SQish premise fits my current situation. Haha wierd, yes. The environment backgrounds are sufficiently realistic and grimy for me to be satisfied with the art style. And yes, grimy makes better sci-fi! For example, that's partly why the original pre-1997 Star Wars trilogy canon has such a deep and moving and exciting feel. Where's the spell check button? Or, why doen't mispeled werds git undirlind?
  6. I too joined Twitter due to the Kickstarter and Scott Murphy being there, but quickly got bored with it... :( Oh, but look at all the friends I could have if I got active with the account! You're tempting meeeeeee
  7. King's Quest 4 taught me to spell "ceiling." I remember my cousin getting mad at me because I kept mispelling it, and the parser would respond that it didn't know what a "cielling" was. Though it was KQ1 that taught me how to type.
  8. It's kind of like playing a video game on an emulator, and reloading the save state every time you mess up, let alone die, resaving after passing every small obstacle. As far as the game is concerned, you are the most incredible player ever, truly worthy of being immortalised on the Twin Galaxies Scoreboard, and featured in the movie The Wizard. It's the same for Roger Wilco; he's able to maneuver through the Earnon system and beyond with perfect precision to thwart his enemies and save the day. Though it's both a combination of skill and luck, I believe. I really like your analysis that his environment is not capable of recognising him as the hero he is, as he doesn't fit the mold of what they expect a hero to be.
  9. Yeah, Shadow contacted me way back then...I was FroggyMe then as well (a wierd handle choice from my BBS days), but I didn't post enough to become recognisable, and only in 2003.
  10. I'm pretty sure he's referring to the font, unless you're being sarcastic, in which case, sorry for telling you something you already knew. :) Like, the font being used in a humorous way.
  11. Boo, it's not working in Mozilla Firefox :( The Space Pope could test it, considering the version of IE he's using haha :) (as spotted in the live commentaries by PCJ)
  12. So way back in the day (2003 to be exact) I was taking an introductory computer science course, and we had to create a webpage that utilized JavaScript. The assignment was specifically to make a website for a fictitious restaurant where the surfer could preorder a meal; naturally I made mine a Monolith Burger themed restaurant! Well, another Space Quest fan over on the Subspace Channel, Lorenz Preiss, liked it enough to spiff it up with a nice layout, and host it on his domain. Just moments ago, while searching around, I discovered that my site is still online! In my excitement, I zipped over here to share the good news, before even trying to order something, so I don't know if the scripts will still work, but they should, as they were really simple. http://monolithburgers.shadowonline.com/
  13. And Interactive Fiction gets its second-person perspective from D&D style role-playing games, where the player is definitely the character in the story. We take on the role of clumsy janitor Roger Wilco as we play, yet the narrator is definitely talking to us, the player. So yes, I agree, when Roger Wilco is an idiot, we the player have been the cause, even if we were an idiot on purpose to see a great death sequence. It is interesting to note that in the later games (SQ6 comes to mind) the first-person is used, as Roger will talk to you, the player, if he doesn't agree with your command. So while we are still acting the role of Roger as we play, Roger himself is aware of our instructions in his life that we expect him to carry out.
  14. These are top notch! I like the liberties you took with the plot, like falling in the hole leads you to the underwater stream.
  15. Be sure to remember Brandon from sierra-archive's flier at: http://www.sierra-ar...akick_flyer.pdf And you can include pictures of it "in the wild" as posted by me, if you'd like: https://p.twimg.com/...A-d_y.jpg:large Or (not as good in my opinion): https://p.twimg.com/...EMbbf.jpg:large (The links will take you to a much larger image, better for including in the video) Edit: Also, the images from the hottest new meme on the Interwebz, LOLBlatz, as started by Decaf Jedi, could/should be included in the video. Here's my contribution: https://p.twimg.com/...AD5h2.gif:large https://p.twimg.com/AvPkvTiCMAAD5h2.gif:large and here are the others: http://www.spaceques...-the-interwebs/
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