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  1. Newest update has some really awesome stuff in it... Not sure if that November release date will be hit, but it definitely looks like it's at least near completion with big sections of the game done
  2. Ideally I want it to be someone who can do a really good Gary Owens impression, or at least mimic the essential qualities that made Gary Owens' voice perfect as the narrator... how he was able to switch from epic-narrator-boom to more intimate-cutting-sarcasm depending on the line. As others have mentioned, George Lowe would be great as he is pretty much the official Gary Owens cover-voice with all his great work on Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast... I think it's good to have someone imitate the voice... when Mel Blanc died, they didn't change the voices of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, etc. th
  3. Gameplay video with new location art for the main street, news room, post office, also with dialogue, characters, etc. -- http://blog.thimbleweedpark.com/thimblenickel
  4. New video with the finished bookstore art and new character animation and clothing art... http://blog.thimbleweedpark.com/occultbookstore
  5. But is it as much fun as doing the chores for the wizard in King's Quest 3?
  6. Occult book store... not the final colored version (obviously), but looking great so far
  7. New video with a full scene in action -- http://blog.thimbleweedpark.com/quickiepal
  8. Are you sure? You make it sound as if there is a law against it or something.
  9. So they used money from a game I don't care about to make a game that I may, potentially, care about? Seems fair enough.
  10. With the trailers so far, I kind of feel like your average dummy/kid/whoever will be like, "kings, quests, monsters, dragons... that means you'll be able to kill everything while running and jumping, yeah!!!" So if it IS an adventure game I think it's leading people down the wrong path with the trailers and they really need to get across how adventure games are amazing because you're NOT reduced to a trigger-clicking moron and you DON'T go around killing stuff 99% of the time. Adventure games have cleverer, more rewarding gameplay, where you can't just shoot or slash at things, you
  11. It's an RPG platform race-shooter where Graham drives a gun and you jump on enemies by performing combos. It comes in 26 episodes at $60 each and you can only play it on your phone.
  12. Interview with Mark Ferrari and new screenshot - http://www.geekscape.net/we-talk-retro-gaming-art-with-thimbleweed-park-artist-mark-ferrari
  13. Can still back it -- http://blog.thimbleweedpark.com/backer Also the blog is open to everyone, you don't have to be a backer to read it... I wonder what would have happened if they had used this art style when they were running the Kickstarter, I reckon it would have got them even more funds. I think while people were excited for a new Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick game, the basic Maniac Mansion art style was just a step too far back for some people, perhaps.
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