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  1. MusicallyInspired

    Room 1220J, kidnapped !

    That's so cool! Nice job!!
  2. MusicallyInspired

    The Andromedans

    Ohh...yeah totally did not get that reference. lol
  3. MusicallyInspired

    The Andromedans

    Did I miss something that happened?
  4. MusicallyInspired

    SQ6 demo

    It's certainly more refined and complete as Josh Mandel was around to design the entire product. Whereas with the full game he left Sierra part-way through. It also has my favourite SQ6 track in the entire soundtrack that's not actually present in the full game: The Shuttlebay Theme. There's a similar theme in the Electronic Superhighway, but it's not the same.
  5. MusicallyInspired

    SQ6 demo

    Absolutely. Part of its uniqueness is that it's a completely different adventure not included in the full game.
  6. MusicallyInspired

    Aeveral questions about Space Quest.

    Please safely dismiss everything I've said in my initial post. I was just looking to see if I would get a reply. Again, I apologize for the suspicion and hope you don't take offence or see me as hostile. It's just that this place has been fairly dead and dead forums tend to attract bots. Some bots don't post to interact with or garner information from forum members, though. Some just post and hide links in profiles, posts, and signatures to spyware websites simply so that web search algorithms will pick them up and no other reason. The forum is just an easy way to spread links for Google to see. Welcome to the community! Allow me to answer your questions. 1) The main activity of SQ fans these days seems to be do anything other than interacting with the SQ community (hah). There hasn't been much conversation in a long while now. Things picked up back when SpaceVenture was first announced, but as development carried on people slowly started going their separate ways again. I still interact with a couple people on Twitter and elsewhere. This place has been pretty dead, though. I imagine it'll pick up a bit once SpaceVenture gets released. In its heyday, the community focused a lot on fan fiction, fan art, and fangames. There were a TON of fangames both in the arcade and adventure genre. Some not so great and others top quality (see Vohaul Strikes Back, Space Quest Incinerations, and the Space Quest 2 fan remake. There's also Space Quest 0: Replicated and Space Quest: The Lost Chapter, the very first full-fledged complete adventure fangame). 2) The big Two seem to be SQ3 and SQ4. SQ4 is widely regarded as the masterpiece of the series as it has the highest quality of the games developed by the Two Guys (it was the last one they worked on together), but SQ3 has a lot of fans too because of it's non-linear nature (the first SQ designed in such a way) and the fact that you basically repair your own ship and then get to fly around wherever you want in the local sector. Had a unique feeling of freedom and open world-ness. 3) The dry humour of Scott Murphy, the exploration, and the creative deaths are probably the biggest draw of the series. For me it's all of those things plus the music. SQ soundtracks have some of the best music in gaming to this day, thanks in no small part to Ken Allen. 4) For the most part the story was not affected by how you played the game. They were fairly linear games that had just one ending each. There wasn't much in the way of alternate paths or solutions to things. In SQ3 there was a couple of ways to deal with an assassin droid who was sent to murder you for mail fraud from SQ2. I think that's about it...it was a nice alternate step, though. 5) Scott Murphy once said that they originally intended the original SQ1 to be playable as a male or female, but that would basically double the size of the content on the floppy disks which was not going to happen. They did allow you to name your own character in the first two games, though, and the games would reference you by name when you did something admirable or stupid (like die, and then berate and make fun of you). As you pointed out, there are a couple fan projects out there that changed certain things like Roger's hair colour. I myself was working on a project that took the SQ1 VGA remake graphics and altered them to resemble the original EGA game. The VGA remake was reinvisioned with alternate designs. I managed to replace most of Roger's flight suit animations with sprites that looked like his suit from the EGA game (VGA = blue space suit, EGA = grey and red flight suit). Not a lot of people got into much modding, though. Mostly just fangames. 6) The Space Quest Historian (or Troels Pleimert for short) is a somewhat successful YouTuber and Twitch streamer who has played the SQ games for his viewers and subscribers along with other Sierra games and modern games as well. Definitely check him out. His capacity for dry humour rivals that of Scott Murphy himself. 7) Somewhere around the mid to late aughts I'd say is when the community gradually finally fizzled to its lowest point. It got another new surge of energy when the Two Guys reunited, returned, and announced their new SpaceVenture project together back in....2012? 2013? But then the community faded again. Though, rekindled friendships and reconnection brought some people closer together outside of Space Quest which was a very nice thing. I hope that was comprehensive enough. And hopefully other members come out of the woodwork and share their thoughts. And once again, welcome.
  7. MusicallyInspired

    Aeveral questions about Space Quest.

    Assuming you're not a bot, can I ask how you came to be fixated on Space Quest specifically and yet don't quite realize that it's an adventure game series which typically do not have modding capabilities or customization options and can't really have a community of players playing the game together as they're pretty much all single player-driven story/puzzle games? Actually, that's exactly why I'm asking; to make sure you're not a bot. (forgive my suspicion. If you are indeed a real curious human being I apologize for the above statement. It just doesn't seem likely)
  8. MusicallyInspired

    Finally played Vohaul Strikes Back... awesomeness!

    Yes, he was the narrator as well with a slightly down-pitched voice.
  9. MusicallyInspired

    Finally played Vohaul Strikes Back... awesomeness!

    Isaac's original Roger voice for SQ2 was far better and I really liked it. It was a little more straight and closer to SQ6's Roger. Then someone (I don't remember who) wanted it to sound closer to what it eventually became. I and others disagreed. I never thought Roger should SOUND particularly dumb (I also dislike Roger's voice in SQ4), but that his intelligence should be an ironic contrast to his otherwise normal speaking voice. The only problem with SQ6's Roger I think was that he was a little TOO eloquent with his speech. But regardless, what he went ahead with the more goofy voice anyway (I don't remember why) and he had already recorded tons of lines that he obviously and understandably didn't want to re-do by the time discussion grew about it. It's a bit of a shame. But of course, Isaac did a great job with the direction he took regardless. It just wasn't the best choice for the game.
  10. MusicallyInspired

    Space Quest IV Logo 4k Wallpaper

    Next up is Space Quest IV. I stuck with the VGA version logo. Obviously a wallpaper can't have cycling palette colours but man wouldn't that be amazing in 4k? I also have a variation with the classic Space Quest font. Available in 4k/1440p/1080p as usual. Space Quest IV Logo Wallpaper (DeviantArt)
  11. MusicallyInspired

    Space Quest III Box Logo Wallpaper

    This one is based on the box cover just without the spaceships and Monolith Burger. I had fun with this one. The subtitle especially was fun to get looking like a classic 80's poster with "shiny bloom" letters. Let me know what you think. Space Quest III Box Logo Wallpaper (DeviantArt) (Updated!) EDIT: Someone requested a variation without the subtitle that looked more like the manual, so here it is. https://musicallyinspired.deviantart.com/gallery/66495717/Space-Quest-III-Manual-Logo-Wallpaper
  12. Space Quest 3 wallpaper. In-game logo version with 18 variations (3 fonts with and without starfield backdrop in 4k, 1440p, and 1080p). Box cover version (without spaceships or Monolith Burger) coming next....at some point. Space Quest III Wallpaper (DeviantArt)
  13. For those who don't know, I made a recreation of the SQ1 logo in Photoshop a while back in the aforementioned 3 resolutions. This time I tackled SQ2's logo in Blender and touched it up in Photoshop. 10 variations in 3 resolutions for a total of 30 possibilities. Whew! Enjoy. Space Quest I Wallpaper Space Quest II Wallpaper
  14. MusicallyInspired

    Finally played Vohaul Strikes Back... awesomeness!

    Yes. I believe the style and approach was inspired heavily by Curse of Monkey Island. But don't quote me on that. Perhaps someone on the team could chime in to confirm...
  15. MusicallyInspired

    Finally played Vohaul Strikes Back... awesomeness!

    Incinerations and Vohaul Strikes Back were made independently of each other and don't take into account eachother's stories. Consider them taking place in separate universes.