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  1. That's Joe Cassara. He was on board to be the narrator for Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back, when they were still actively doing a talkie version of that game.
  2. Bumping an old topic: As you may have noticed, the 3rd season of the Space Quest Historian Podcast is actually a thing now! We're two episodes in, and some of the things I was teasing over a year ago are actually in the show now: - CyberCedric ... and, yes, Frederik ended up voicing him. - Broader themes: I started doing "celebrity interviews" with other adventure game dev's. So far, we've got James Dearden (Technobabylon) and Li Boar (Gibbous). Future guests include Agustín Cordes (Asylum), Natalia Figueroia and Isak Martinsson (Fran Bow), and Dave Gilbert (the Blackwell series
  3. Gareth narrating the SpaceVenture. That would be so weird. It does make me want to make a game where he IS the narrator, though.
  4. Holy crap, that was amazing! Hopefully he has plans of doing more. At least having a finished garbage freighter sequence would be spectacular! Well, even *more* spectacular.
  5. Yes, plenty of places! The originals are available on both GOG.com and Steam. These are available from the fangame people's individual websites. Space Quest Incinerations is available here: http://www.boxofmystery.com/games/incinerations/ Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back is available here: http://sqvsb.com Space Quest: Decision of the Elders is available here: http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/games/game/1525/ Space Quest II VGA is available here: http://www.infamous-adventures.com/sq2remake/ Space Quest 0: Replicated is available here: http://wiw.org/~
  6. Probably from that nasty fall after being carried by the pterodactyl on Estros. Certainly not what you're thinking. :P
  7. VSB was more of a comedy-first game (more akin to SQ3 or SQ6), and Incinerations wanted to tell a story (more akin to SQ5). I really respect and love the immense effort that went into both games -- VSB because the team went through so much to get the game out, and Incinerations because it was basically a one-man job. Personal preference? Probably Incinerations. But don't tell Fred that. ;)
  8. I'm holding off doing Let's Play's of Space Quest games until I've actually gotten somewhat good at this stuff. My first couple of LP's were, let's say, quite amateurish. They're not much better now, but at least I've fixed the weird mic audio and the frame rate problems that were bothering me during my latter Normality episodes and the first couple of Broken Age episodes.
  9. Before I started that, I played Gone Home during my summer vacation, and I ... was ... floored. That game will stay with me for a long-ass time-- nah, fuck it. Probably forever.
  10. I've actually started my own YouTube Let's Play series, entitled #SQHPlays. Yes, I'm now one of those annoying YouTubers who sit around playing games with a little facecam obscuring part of the game window, snorting and snarking at the game. Points for originality, I know. I'm currently playing and . In the past, I've played , , , and .
  11. Thankfully, only three people have actually signed this petition.
  12. Hangouts have become increasingly fickle bitches since we did our first Superfan Hangouts. Your points of critique are all valid; just know that we thought of them first. ;)
  13. Ryan Nicotera has created a Facebook group called "We Want a New Space Quest Group." It can be found at http://facebook.com/groups/wewantanewspacequestgame The purpose of the group is to show the rightsholders to Space Quest that there is still a vast interest in continuing the series. With The Odd Gentlemen's King's Quest reboot coming out soon, and hopefully being quite successful, the hope is that Sierra Games (owned by Activision) will be looking to revive the Space Quest brand next. If that happens, it is of course imperative that The Two Guys From Andromeda are involved, a
  14. Haven't been around for a while, sorry, but I had to come back and tell you, Flashman85, that this ... is ... genius!
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