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  1. suejak

    Research SQ

    Not sure what this thread is about, but you keep rockin it.
  2. suejak

    What's up with SpaceVenture?

    Interesting. I love Quest for Glory, but Corey obviously isn't the best spokesman. I can't believe he just throws the Space Quest guys under the bus like that to cover his own problems. He's also attacked me personally (a $100+ backer on both his first Kickstarter and his back-for-more Kickstarter) for relatively minor/normal criticisms, although I guess I come off like a dick sometimes. Still, not the best guy to have out there interacting with the community. Oh well, if there's one thing the Kickstarter era has taught me, it's that the people who made the games we grew up with are very human
  3. suejak

    Cascade Quest announcement

    My goodness, this looks so good. I wish I could make a game like this.
  4. I think the baritone narrator on the Pete Toleman bits of the new SQH stuff has an amazing voice and great timing.
  5. Yeah, he should Kickstart that! I would pledge at least $100, if not more...
  6. suejak

    Why is SQ6 (generally) disliked?

    SQ5 had a ton of characters too, all new except Bea. Some of those relationships (Quirk) were implied to have started sometime between SQ4 and 5...
  7. I would like either someone who's imitating Gary or someone very similar in style. I can very easily imagine people being annoyed by an imitator, but I personally would be fine with it.
  8. suejak

    What is wrong with Roger's wrist??

    *begins writing moody black-and-white Space Quest fangame about depression*
  9. Wow, this video is stellar!! I hope it's getting proper airtime in the scene. Very smart and thorough. My only complaint concerns the persistent (and incorrect) claims that adventure games are gone, and that King's Quest 2015 was an attempt to "bring them back". Even if you're of the mind that only heavily-funded corporate products are legitimate games, Tell Tale has been cranking out smash hit titles for years. More importantly, there is a nonstop stream of relatively lower budget adventure games coming out all the time that are probably better than the Tell Tale games. Considering how effective the rest of the video was at slicing through cliche with analysis and finding the truth, it was too bad that you kept returning to this particular falsehood. Adventure games never died. They just aren't the main seller in the PC market anymore.
  10. suejak

    Adventure games in the 90s

    Baldur's Gate 2? Definitely.
  11. suejak

    Adventure games in the 90s

    Hmm, yeah, 96-97 was definitely not my favourite adventure game era, but it did see a sort of counterrevolution against all the CD-driven FMV and first-person prerendered slideshow experiments of the mid-90s. In reaction, they offered really polished, high-quality hand-animated stuff in classic style like CMI, Broken Sword, LSL7, and one of my personal favourite underrated titles, Fable (...not the Molyneux game). (Fable's plot was basically "Let's get naked in the most campy way possible": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAJiCERMxfI) After 98, with the exception of Grim Fandango, I definitely hated all the big-name adventure games released. Instead, RPGs like the Fallouts (97-98) and Planescape: Torment (99) arguably inherited a lot of adventure games traditions. If you like adventure games and have never played Planescape: Torment, I would 100% recommend it to any adventure game fan.
  12. 1996-1997 really was a great time for adventure games... Just after the FMV debacle and just before the mandatory 3D apocalypse...
  13. suejak

    Problems proceeding in SQ5 and SQ6?

    It's funny - I played SQ5 on the GOG version and it worked fine. I might have used SCUMMVM...? Anyway, I didn't do anything special and it worked fine, so I recommend trying these two things
  14. suejak

    Anyone interested in t-shirts?

    Let me know if you make any new shirts! I've gotten the Sierra and Genetix ones - very satisfied
  15. suejak

    Ron Gilbert's Thimbleweed blog

    I love how he focuses on little things that date the game just right. Neon signs and radio stations.