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  1. It’s finally here! This review/retrospective tackles why we loved Sierra games against the backdrop of King’s Quest 2015. It tries to provide tangible game design reasons about what made classic Sierra games special, with a particular focus on the special relationship between storytelling and puzzles. And of course a look at how KQ2015 measures up. Even if you don’t ultimately agree with my opinions, it should be a fun, nostalgic romp through Sierra games as it also tries to celebrate Sierra games and their creators. It contains clips from almost all the Sierra games (yes, lot's of Spa
  2. I just released 3 teasers/trailers for the upcoming review. I made a new thread here: http://www.spacequest.net/topic/924-teasers-for-why-we-loved-sierra-games-kings-quest-2015-an-opinionated-review-by-a-crotchety-sierra-fan-who-remembers-1984/
  3. I'm getting close to releasing my "review" I mentioned in the other thread. The word "review" probably doesn't quite do it justice because it is so unorthodox. So I made 3 teasers/trailers to try to help convey what this thing is. Even though King's Quest is in the title, there is quite a lot of Space Quest in it (as well as other Sierra games). I'm fairly confident classic Sierra fans will enjoy it. TEASERS for: Why We Loved Sierra Games: King's Quest MMXV: An Opinionated Review by a crotchety Sierra fan who remembers 1984 YouTube PlayList for all 3 teasers https://www.
  4. Well, the overall video is about done, and it’s just final touches/fixes, so I’m not planning to make major changes at this point and don't need input or clips any more. However, here are some of my answers. It still might be interesting to hear others. - What was your favorite text parser moment? (Favorite input or favorite response or could be a puzzle) I’m currently featuring (among others) the SQ2 jockstrap sling shot, Hero’s Quest pick nose, KQ4 rap, LSL7 eat beaver. I was going for family friendly so I left out some. - What was your favorite Sierra death? From a clip perspective,
  5. Hi all, I’m a dormant Sierra fan…I used to hang out at Quest Studios maybe 15 years ago. I’m planning to resurface briefly due to the new King’s Quest. I’m working on an unorthodox video review of King’s Quest 2015 from the perspective of a Sierra fan who remembers 1984. It’s actually turned into a stroll down memory lane of Sierra games and a tear down of how Sierra games actually worked, particularly the relationship between story and puzzles. So there are a lot of clips from many Sierra games. I expect(hope) Sierra fans will find it interesting, and unlike anything that has been done b
  6. There are a lot of factual problems with this. Space Quest got plenty of marketing and support. Anybody who remembers Sierra games almost always rattles off King’s Quest, then Space Quest (and Leisure Suit Larry). King’s Quest was the flag ship. It sold more. It appealed to a wider base. Comedy in general is harder to get mass appeal. But this doesn’t mean Space Quest was not a money maker. Space Quest got 6 games. Aside from King’s Quest, only Leisure Suit Larry got as many. You don’t do that if the games aren’t making money. When Sierra first jumped to use professional musicians, Kin
  7. Hi, I thought maybe you would like this. (Thanks to the moderators who already posted this on the Twitter feed.) I did a defense of Flappy Bird video. What's interesting to you is that I snuck in Astro Chicken into one of the sections. The section is a historical stroll through games past looking for similar games. While most of the references are 80's arcades, I love Sierra games and had to include this in the history to keep the memory alive, particularly in a generation that doesn't remember both Sierra games or 80's arcades. Anyway, I hope you guys find it interesti
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