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  1. Those accomplishments all take place in the future, so it's hard to say. ;) There was more wiggle-room that early in the series for newcoming characters. Also, the name "Vohaul" was alluded to in SQ1, so at least there's a connection. It was introduced in the first place when it wasn't called for though, that's my point. I realize they didn't have the advantage of hindsight that there wouldn't be an opportunity for further storytelling in SQ7, but that doesn't change how out of touch this installment is with those before it. Maybe I'll play Incinerations one of these d
  2. I realize this is an aging thread, but I just wanted to add my observation regarding SQ6: Without SQ6, the Space Quest series would be complete. If the series had ended with SQV, then it would have ended on a good note, with Roger once again the prominent hero at the top of his game to seemingly live happily ever after... ...Until SQ6 came along, and: Rendered all of Roger's greatest triumphs null. When the game opens, we're told that Roger's prior achievements don't matter. Dropped a ton of new characters on us (Stellar, Circuit Syndey, etc.) who we're just to accept as having b
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