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  1. Hey, do you think you guys could remove and/or edit the posts mentioning my RL name? Digital footprint and all and just, if a potential employer is looking me up one day, I don't want this thread to pop up. It's not exactly like my name is John D'oh.
  2. What do you guys feel is the better fan sequel?
  3. Hey, I just wanted to say that I'm the admin of the We Want a New SQ group, and yeah, I was quite an asshole on SG. For that I'm sorry, but I'd hope that me as a person wouldn't, as some have suggested here, disassociate from the group due to me personally. That's why I made a number of respectable Sierra-fandom related people co-admins, I wanted to bring together a group of people who are both well-liked and well-versed in Sierra and Space Questy stuff. I really doubt anyone from the "Sierra" brand or Activision know who I am. But that's besides the point... I made this group as yes, a vocal
  4. I meant full on, open world 3D like the cancelled Escape Factory SQ or KQ8. Josh's SQ7 was what I'd term 2.5D, if the original games were 2D. The reason it got a C&D was because it called itself "Space Quest 7". TSL got C&D'ed originally because they called themselves KQ9.
  5. I grew up on King's Quest and it was my first introduction to Sierra, to adventure gaming, to fairy tales, and to PC gaming in general, and as such that series will always have a special place in my heart. For the longest time, by which I mean, until only a few months ago, King's Quest was my favorite computer game series of all time, and was quite honestly a big obsession of mine, a passion I at times got quite overzealous about. But recently, more and more, I find myself drawn to Space Quest. I've been a fan of Space Quest since 1997, but it always came at a distant second to my lov
  6. I just want to chime in and say I happen to like Stellar more than Beatrice. She seems like a more natural fit for Roger than Beatrice, even if Bea is a wankmeister.
  7. Oh by CoMI approach I didn't mean for it to be as "pretty" as that game, I simply meant as Hi-Res as that game. Basically, I'd want graphically some mixture of 5 & 6, but of course grungy. I don't feel SQ is a series that could do well with 3D unless said 3D was done well. I wouldn't want the aesthetics I've seen on SpaceVenture in an SQ game. Part of the appeal of SQ for me is it's retro feel, I suppose. I wonder if we could rally a fan petition for Josh and Colin to resume work on their game? The more I hear about it, the more I want it, even if it meant it coming out in an unfinishe
  8. Thought you guys might appreciate this, found it on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEI4m8-m854
  9. Let's say an official SQ7 or SQ continuation was ever released. What do you want to see? Where would you want to see the story go? What do you think the next adventure Stellar mentions at the end of 6 should be like? IMO, one of the biggest missed opportunities/tragedies in gaming is that we didn't get an SQ game in '97. Same art direction as Curse of Monkey Island but Space Quest-ified. With some resolution to the Beatrice-Stellar problem and gags on '90s sci fi.
  10. I do wonder if people's opinions about the "vibe" would be different if none of the "art was outsourced to Korea" and "Scott doesn't like it" stuff was known.
  11. I agree SQ6 has a weak story. But when it comes to Sierra games, the plot never really mattered to me as much as the journey itself, if that makes sense. That's why I've never really gotten into PQ or Gabriel Knight and have tended more toward KQ and SQ.
  12. I was born in 1990. First discovered SQ through my dad discovering SQ1VGA in a bargain bin sometime in late '97 or early '98. Was already a Sierra fan though.
  13. May I ask-- What about the vibe feels different? I actually feel that the original 1-3 are different from 4-6 and SQ1VGA in terms of vibe-- SQ1, the original, has some snark, but feels pretty much like straight sci-fi compared to the later games; SQ2 feels like a parody, but...Less snark. SQ3 we get a bit of snarkiness, but aimed at Roger...But again, a bit. In SQ4 we get the beginning of treating Roger like he's a total dumbass, we get the treatment of the player as sort of dumb, too (not to offend, playful of course), we get the very cynical and acidic wit and vibe...SQ5 feels like
  14. I didn't say you hated it. I agree the soundtrack wasn't the greatest. The only SQ game I feel that had a totally great soundtrack all the way through was 3.
  15. Thank you. What's interesting is that, while people complain about the '50s look of the game, it isn't really THAT out of touch with what at least Scott wanted: "SM: [sQ5] was interesting. It occurred to me that Mark had been into Star Trek much more than I had, not that that's a bad thing by any means. I didn't really start watching those until the last five or six years (weird, eh?), and I've been digging it. Mark is also a big fan of comic books, as are virtually all the artists I have ever known. The Dynamix development system in those days leant itself well to the comic style, and it
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