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  1. Collector

    Vohaul sneak peak

    Looks good, but is face should be fatter.
  2. "Get offa my lawn!!!"
  3. Collector

    Want to play SpaceQuest

    I assume that he said that just because he is not comfortable with setting things up in DOSBox. Troels suggested GOG and those use DOSBox as well.
  4. Collector

    Want to play SpaceQuest

    Or if you have the original copies just use the new installers. http://sierrahelp.com/Patches-Updates/NewSierraInstallers.html#SQ They will give a better result than ScummVM.
  5. Collector

    Space Quest Chapter 0 for MS-DOS

    Why are you trying to run a third party interpreter in DOS? It won't gain you anything.
  6. Collector

    Space Quest Chapter 0 for MS-DOS

    It is common for fan made AGI games to need a more modern interpreter. When amatures create AGI pics they often result in a blown stack when using the original interpeter, which can be avoided by using one of the new interpreters. You can try to add the original interpreter files, but it often does not work. Replicated is on that it will not.
  7. Collector

    Problems proceeding in SQ5 and SQ6?

    Did you try the patch or the installer? The installer won't work as it will look for the CD. If you use the patch you should be able to point it to the folder where the games are installed.
  8. Collector

    Problems proceeding in SQ5 and SQ6?

    I have been told that my 2006 VU collection patchs work for the steam releases, but since I do not have them I cannot verify.
  9. Shared on the Sierra Help Pages Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/SierraHelpPages/permalink/1642910069282177/
  10. Collector

    "We Want a New Space Quest Game" Facebook group

    I was not taliking about linking accounts, but more of a point of making new people aware or even reminding those that have not around for a while that the forums still exist. Anonymity used to matter more to me but since I have had my real name in various credits associated with my user name that is a horse that left the barn long ago. I would assume that the same would apply to you too, at least to some degree. Certainly anyone that wishes to remain anonymous should be able to do so, but often that may be not much more than an illusion.
  11. Collector

    "We Want a New Space Quest Game" Facebook group

    I never said that social media is useless, just not very good for any kind of in depth conversation. Another function of a real forum is as a reference, a repository of information. This information can be indexed by Google. I am sure that many have found information in old posts of forums from a simple Google search. Any Facebook post will dissappear with time. It would be nice to see social media as sort of portal to proper forums, but I have yet to see much of that. Perhaps that would change if people weren't avoiding forums.
  12. Collector

    "We Want a New Space Quest Game" Facebook group

    Facebook et al probably have more to do with the demise of the forums than anything else. Too bad as they are not nearly as conducive to holding a real discussion as a proper forum is. Twitter is probably the worst of the lot given its limitation of such a tiny number of characters per post. It reduces interaction to little more than an inane string of quips. Of course so many accessing things with their smart phones only exacerbates it.
  13. Collector

    "We Want a New Space Quest Game" Facebook group

    Anyone know who this Damien Vandenberg is?