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  1. I suppose you're right. ....Well don't I feel embarrassed now :wacko:
  2. Now that I think about it, though... wouldn't he have them in 5 if that was the case?
  3. Well, he is drop-dead adorable.
  4. Hmm, that is a good point. I have a habit of reading too far into things. :unsure:
  5. I've sent this to like five people, and so far all of them have immediately agreed that these are 10000000% scars. I just thought that was interesting.
  6. Update: The patch I downloaded for SQ6 worked, and I'm proceeding through the game normally now. Still having troubles with 5 but will keep y'all's notes in mind next time I try. Thanks a bunch :D My issue with the endodroid may have been timer related after all, as after installing the patch I did the exact same thing I did last time and suddenly it worked. EDIT: Haha, I got the sequence in 5 to work! Still not sure what my problem was, but regardless, I got past the part I was stuck on. :)
  7. (I know I said I wouldn't double post, but I only saw this just now and can't for the life of me figure out how to get more than one quote into a post you've already posted.) In reference for destroying the cloaking device, I don't believe I have; I never thought to do it on my own and the walkthrough I used upon getting stuck never told me to. If the idea is that I'm not supposed to, then that's not the problem, but if I should, that could be it.
  8. If it's the same one you use to get the bananas, then yes. Also, putting this here to avoid a double post: On the subject of SQ6, I went looking for some save games, but to no avail as the save games were either for a version different from mine (1.0) or put me waaaaaaaaaay far ahead in the game. I downloaded some patches and I'll see if it was a timer bug after all and the patches would fix it, but it will be a while before I reach a conclusion as I'll have to play through the entire beginning of the game up to that point to see if it worked, since I never backed up my "legitimate" save
  9. Update: I downloaded and installed the patches. Haven't tried it on SQ6 yet, but on SQ5 it seemed to make a difference in that she seemed to be chasing me for a bit (e.g. animations playing in a way that seemed more correct than they did before), but when I jumped across the chasm and climbed on top of the cave, she wouldn't follow me anymore. I'd stand up there and eventually I'd see her footsteps in the water going towards the waterfall headed down, then completely disappears. I'm wondering if it's simply me doing something wrong at this point, though I'm not sure what. Should I be letting h
  10. Kind of late to the party here, but this sounds like a pretty neat idea! I'd never thought to combine these games even though I love both so much. I don't have the skill to make anything fancy like you're doing, but perhaps I'll start work on some of my own area recreations at least...
  11. Update: I tried the installers; neither of them recognized Steam's copies of the game. Bummer :(
  12. My web browser decided to eat the reply I had typed up, so I'll give a short version of what I said. I did buy the collection on Steam, but I prefer to move them to a DOS folder I have on my C: drive and launch them manually through DOSBox, for personal reasons (except SQ6, which I've found will only run through the collection's launcher). This shouldn't be the problem, however, because as mentioned before, SQ6 will only run for me through the launcher, and I'm still getting the issue no matter how I launch the games, even though I've never had similar problems with any of my KQ or LSL gam
  13. Heyo! For the life of me, I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong here. I've looked on countless walkthroughs and confirmed I'm doing the right things (In theory, anway...) but I can't seem to proceed in the game. My first issue arises in SQ5, on Kiz Urazgubi. I know I'm supposed to climb on top of the cave entrance and crush WD40 with a rock (unless I'm just REALLY misinformed...), but even though I can successfully climb up and the music continues as I would deem normal, she never shows up. Going into the cave reveals that she seems to be hanging out down there and doesn't seem interest
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