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  1. How do you think? For example, they can make game about theirself.
  2. What's up with foreign languages for SV? Will it be?
  3. Sludge Vohaul is difficult villain. He is evil and slave holder. But maybe he has some good side in his soul? For example, we can see it in fangame VSB (SQ8). At the end of the game there's good version of Vohaul and his childhood. It's nice. What do you think? He can be friend for Roger? Maybe RW must make him kind. Very kind :)
  4. There're several planets in this dimension. Roger'll find some planet scanner to explore this universe (and there'll be no that black hole). Then he'll find ship and go to other planets. The Dark Emperor is on one of these planets. And his people are everywhere (some ugly evil humanoids with evil faces). Main assistants are very dangerous and they has some various magical abilities (like The Emperor) and big guns (like from remake of movie 'Judge Dredd'). They are like Sequel Police. *** The Emperor don't know about Roger Wilco. Roger's ship had destroyed because space figh
  5. Magical abilities of The Dark Emperor are hypnosis, telekinesis (via green fireballs), fireball shooting. It's magical dimension. Everyone is afraid of him. *** Roger is on planet Vicury. It's dark place (sort of Quest for Glory 4). There's cold and night always. Roger'll explore this place with some burning 'torch' (some detail of destroyed ship, with fire from this ship). Punks, punkies. In some places there're evil assistants of The Dark Emperor (bullies). Scrollocks. There're main assistants (with magical abilities: fireballs, control of people m
  6. SQ fangame or simple SQ cartoon (with several episodes). Plot: Roger Wilco is on his ship, he flies through space. But then portal (some black hole) will be appear and Roger will be captured in it. He'll go to another dimension. It's some dark universe with new villain - The Dark Emperor. The ship will be destroyed by some evil little space ships (space fighters) (it's people of Dark Emperor), and Roger's ship will be go down to some nearest planet. Roger'll wake up on some dark planet. And he must find a way to go home. The Dark Emperor is sort of Jaffar from Aladdin.
  7. Manannan vs Roger Wilco -- it'd be interesting game :)
  8. "Quest Cross" (by Allronix) Crossover-Game (KQ/SQ) Rating PG-13 (swearing, off-colored humor, comic mischief) Summary: Upon finding an ancient power source on a low-tech world, the insidious Sludge Vohaul has returned. However, he once again greatly underestimates a certain janitor and an adventurous royal family... Takes place post-SQ6 and between KQ5 & 6 Great thanks to all the parties I am paying homage to (read: ripping off), from Roberta Williams and the famous Two Guys from Andromeda to Christopher "Kaymo" Rowley. A big thank you goes to Daniel "Future's Hist
  9. Make fanfic all together. One fan write part (one sentence), and another fan must to continue it (one sentence too), etc. *** Several days after saving Stellar Santiago Roger's arrived to Deep Ship 86 from some mission.
  10. - SQ Theme on pencils? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EWEkJA5GM0 - SQ Theme on printer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXbP7OkQ8LQ - SQ Theme on musical calc? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlW_I7m3sYo - SQ Theme on Tesla?
  11. - SQ Theme (floppy drives music) (like sw: see below) - SQ Theme (on 3d printer) (see below)
  12. - King's Quest 3 with Roger Wilco instead of Gwydion. And he has another way to win Manannan. He has some gadgets, etc. With sq jokes, parodies - SQ songs from fans. Some easy songs about RW, Vohaul, etc. Use free music from Youtube, for ex. Genres: pop, rap, rnb, country, etc. - Space Quest 4 VR. You must go to timepod of Sequel Police and there'll be end of demo - Space Quest fan film (sort of cosplay video). Roger Wilco, sariens, etc. Any plot with new ideas - SQ2x: Vohaul's Mines (VGA version) - new SQ2 VGA (another version) (like SQ2 retro, but in VGA) - SQ1
  13. - fanfic about SQ7 - SQ5 with voice acting - VSB, Inc with voice acting - Japanese version of SQ1, SQ2, SQ3, SQ5, SQ6 - Flash cartoon about SQ7 - Comics about SQ3 - Alternate version of SQ6 (another sequel to SQ5)
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