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  1. Great game from great developers! I think, Two Guys will return to game industry after it and make some games else.
  2. Soon the beta will be released?
  3. Can somebody make multiplayer site with SQ1-6 as one game? (like in the AGS game 'ATIJ' by Akril) i.e. you can teleport to any planet of SQ1-6 and there're many aliens and other players :) Just for fun.
  4. Some ideas: - dubstep remix to SQ Theme - SQ7 fangame (any fangame) (big like SQ Inc) (for now we got SQ8 and SQ9 only - SQ VSB, SQ Inc) - SQ toys (for ex, plastic Roger Wilco) - shop 'Monolith Burger' (create shop, yes; in all countries)) - beer 'Keronian Ale' - 360 videos about SQ in youtube - Space Quest VR game - Facebook game about SQ - New minigames from Two Guys - Fangame about Two Guys (with futurama humour) - Fangame about Beatrice - SQ2 from Vohaul's side (play for Vohaul)
  5. Any ideas about SQ multiplayer game? Maybe some game for all SQ fans. Sort of sarien.net. Adventure + Multiplayer = Awesome thing. How do you think?
  6. You can make cartoon about SQ4 :)
  7. Who will be killed by Roger today? :) New sarien or new evil scientist? We can't save them. Because Roger is hero! :)
  8. Are you fan of Sludge Vohaul and why?
  9. Roger - Alan Tudyk (Firefly) Beatrice - Charlize Theron (Aeon Flux)
  10. How to win in kickstarter? Just buy the game by yourself) You must have necessary sum of money and pledge your project
  11. Roger had some girlfriend before Beatrice?
  12. SQ plot in KQ world. KQ sprites
  13. Ace Hardway + Roger Wilco adventure
  14. Sledgy

    Research SQ

    There's psychologically research) Roger is lazy guy who hates people and want to kill them. Sariens, Vohaul, etc are Wilco, really. 'enemy'. It's imagination of Roger's laziness --- In the end of the games Roger doesn't kill the problem. And in the next episode Roger has more evil enemy (more thicker, more robotic, ...) The game about soul of Roger. He must to win himself
  15. Sledgy

    Research SQ

    Quirk is Wilco's son Quirk and son shows Beatrice to Wilco End of SQ4 is start of SQ5
  16. Sledgy

    Research SQ

    SQ1 VGA isn't SQ1 SQ1 VGA and SQ4, really, is the one game SQ4 hasn't itself storyline (Sq4 timeline storyline)), only future storylines These both games were created in the one year (1991) --- SQ1 vga is SQ4 timeline (duplicate of SQ1 story) It's sort of Roger's bar stories in the start of SQ4
  17. Sledgy

    Research SQ

    Roger Wilco is Guybrush Threepwood? LeChuck is Vohaul --- Roger is 'lazy ego' Guybrush is 'male ego'
  18. Sledgy

    Research SQ

    Vohaul hates hypocrites Sellers (SQ2) is smiley perfect guys; fake american smile, fake american man Vohaul wants to *distribute* fake smiley perfect guys? He wants to kill these guys, really (in the planet). He hates hypocrites! Seller is an image of hypocrite
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