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  1. I believe a lot of it fell apart and when Mark and Scott split up after SQ4
  2. if they were ever to make a Live action Space Quest Movie, who would you like to see play Roger Wilco my choice would be H Jon Benjamin
  3. I wish the SQ3 remake was ready to play, really enjoyed the VGA remake of part 2
  4. I actually enjoyed it, even though it was a fan game, it was the closet we got to having Space Quest 7
  5. the early to the mid 90's when stuff was still on MS DOS, one of my favorite arcade shooters was Overkill from epic mega games
  6. I'm back after a long absence, recently downloaded the entire SQ collection from Steam, been real good reliving the good ol days
  7. we should protest in front of Activision
  8. didn't he kill quite a bit in SQ2
  9. there was no female involved with him prior to SQ4
  10. I really miss the 80's long before Disney destroyed Star Wars
  11. games like SQ1 VGA, SQ4 and SQ5 were my favorite to play, the older SQ1 and Sq2, SQ3 was a little challenging, point and click interface were soo much easier for me to play
  12. playing part 6 just didn't feel like a Space Quest Game
  13. just got that russian page translated, seems the file is no longer there
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