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  1. just got that russian page translated, seems the file is no longer there
  2. is there anyway to download this without having to deal with a russian site
  3. ugh I wanna kick his ass, and build a machine that will kick his ass
  4. I watched this some months back on Newgrounds.com, wtf is activisions deal, they're not making any new games for Space Quest so why even hold the rights to it
  5. I had a Packard Bell Pent 1 back in the day and played smoothly on it, it was the 486 where the movie sequences would stutter
  6. sweet can't wait to play it, to be honest I was hoping to see an anime movie be made of Roger Wilco
  7. these are the kind of games I like, sad they don't make games like this anymore, kinda like the arcade shooters I've loved to play since the Atari and NES Days
  8. why you sorry, I actually liked it
  9. I needed the pentium 1 to play Mech Warrior 2 for Windows 95 cause it wasn't MS Dos compatible, not like Mech Warriror 2 Mercs. which was set for both formats, I can't play them on this computer, :(
  10. thanks man, I check out the Demo from your sig, hopefully it will become a full game, loved the concept on Xenon before SQ XII
  11. can you imagine how devasted I was when I found out Sierra fired Mark and Scott, every so often I chat with Al Lowe via Email, love chatting with the guy, he's a lot of fun, would like to meet him person one day and listen to him play the Sax
  12. the one I got from there installed and played with no issues, I actually finished the game last night
  13. the highest computer it worked on was anything with a pentium 1 processor, so that and a 486 were the only 2 computers I could play the original copy on at that time
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